Posted by: brookenado | January 5, 2012

Here we go!

Dear readers,

This is my first ever blog entry so let’s hope it turns out alright.  The purpose of this blog is to keep those interested in my travels and study abroad in the loop, and hopefully in an entertaining manner.

So, because I have taken no pictures yet (I know – sorry!), my first post will include a couple pictures from the internet to interpret my journey so far.  So…I took a train to Brighton yesterday.

It was absolutely nothing like this.  No cross dressing, no gunfire, and we didn’t have to scale a train.  That’s probably for the best, however (especially seeing as I had no Watson with me).

Turns out that of the 100 or so students studying abroad through IFSA-Butler in England, only two of us were studying outside of London and are both at Sussex.  So Joi, Oran (the Butler adviser who will be keeping tabs on us), and I made our way to the school.  It’s a short train ride (about 45-50 minutes) which will be nice if we want to pop over for London for a day.  Oran helped us get settled briefly and took us to do some registration and such.

We’re both in Swanborough hall, different buildings though, and it turns out my flat is made up of all Americans which…frustrates me.  They seem like very nice individuals and everything, and I don’t mean anything against them, but I’ll admit I was hoping to get more of the cultural experience and immersion living in a mixed sex dorm with other British students.  Oh well – I’m sure the flats next to ours are British students and I’ll just have to get a move on in joining clubs, societies, etc to meet students here.

Today was less exciting.  I sat in meetings from 9:45 to 3:30, then went to explore part of the campus I hadn’t seen yet with another international student (American) and bought a new adapter (my laptop lives!).  We had a dinner event at one of the bars on campus and I have met some other really cool people (an Italian, a Russian, but mostly American) over the past two days though, and Sussex students will be returning tomorrow and Sunday as classes begin on Monday.  That reminds me – I need to check when and where my classes are to make sure they work…

After dinner two of my flat mates – Heather (from Texas at a school that is supposedly Trinity’s big rival cough, cough, brother) and Ashley from Atlanta – and I took our first bus trip to get a few supplies and groceries.  It was certainly an adventure.  And the buses here certainly make me reminisce about Harry Potter and the Knight Bus.

We had a vague idea at best of what we were doing/where we were going but somehow we made it alright, with a small mishap on the way back, and some help from the bus drivers.  We went to ASDA, the Walmart in the UK.  I must say, they play some ok music in the store.  But more importantly, I now have some food for the week, a notebook, and hand soap!  Exciting, I know.

Well I guess I should wrap this post up, it is getting pretty long.  Tomorrow is a new day and will mark my first true trip into Brighton.  Thanks for reading, or as the sentiment here goes, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed 😉


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