Posted by: brookenado | January 8, 2012

A little vague on the details…

Dear readers,

I realized that I may have left you clueless as to how I am to live over the next 6 months.  My apologies; let me fill you in.  I mentioned that I’m living in Swanborough, a type of dorm on campus.  Flat-style seems to be the norm for housing in the UK, though there are other living situations as well (one including a large house-like accommodation in which 12 people share one bathroom).  Luckily (for everyone else on a strict time schedule I mean), I am not one of those people.  When we enter our flat (23) my room is immediately to the left.  There is a hallway with 5 other separate rooms, 3 on each side, and at the end of the hallway is a door into the common room.  The common room has a kitchen, a small table, and two couches to the other side of the room.  I have my own small bathroom (I couldn’t believe it either), a built in closet area (can’t reach the top two shelves, luckily I don’t need them), a bed, and a desk attached to the wall and two shelves attached to the wall.  All in all it’s a nice cozy space, though I would definitely have preferred some different (or cleaner) curtains but now I’m just being picky.  Oh wait, dang it!  Spider on the ceiling – I already had to kill one in the bathroom this morning but I can’t reach it now!  Anyway, it really just needs some decorating and a dusting to make it a little more homey.  Hopefully expect pictures tomorrow…

The campus is nice, smaller than Miami’s campus but still a decent size.  The school has 11,000 students and, like Miami, most of the buildings are brick.  Off to one side are some beautiful grassy hills and across the street from the entrance is the newly built soccer stadium for Brighton’s premier league team, Albion.  I’m hoping to see a game but was told it’s very difficult as most people have season tickets.  My first

OK quick update: spider on the ceiling is taken care of.  I went in standing on my wheel-y swivel chair armed with a shoe and a tissue like my sword and shield.  I guess that makes my swivel chair my trusty steed.

My first trip into Brighton was earlier today and it’s about a 40 minute bus ride from campus to the center of the city on a busy Saturday.  The little I saw of Brighton seems very cool.  There are a ton of shops in the few blocks we got around too and I did get to see the Royal Pavilion as we passed it on the bus both ways.  I had dinner with some other international students, including Ashley (that’s her name!) and Heather who I went around various stores with, at a Chinese place where my fortune cookie foretold that “a thrilling time is in store for me”.  Again, expect pictures soon!

Tomorrow I will take a bus tour of Brighton and get to go inside and check out the Royal Pavilion.  I haven’t managed to actually see the ocean yet, but there are plenty of sea gulls (it’s nice to see some familiar faces).  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed (you’ll have to indulge me on my blatantly unoriginal ending) 🙂


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