Posted by: brookenado | January 9, 2012

Making good on my word

Dear readers,

As the title suggests, this post will make good on my word of putting up pictures.  Lucky you!  Though I took out the really terrible ones, they may not be the best and please bare in mind that quite a few were taken from a moving bus.  I think, after some cropping here and there, they turned out alright for the most part.  Most of the photos are from the tour of Brighton and Hove today, the Royal Pavilion, and then just walking around a bit finding some place to eat/get to the bus stop (incidentally with the small group I had dinner with last night!).  There are a few photos from yesterday, too, I think.

On the hill near Devil's Dyke, overlooking some country side

I wonder if they rent these...?

Part of the elaborate Royal Pavilion. It was beautiful, though I couldn't take pictures inside.

Huh...I guess we're all covered then.

The ferris wheel near the pier

Let’s hope you can make those last ones to view bigger and that you’re able to get to the whole album easily…it’ll be an experiment of sorts for now.  I’ll see if I can make the album appear on the side bar.

I should be off to bed now so I’ll finish up here.  My flatmates are all really nice, and although it may not be the situation I was planning on, it’s going to be a lot of fun I think.  Though I was gone most of the day, the campus has filled up again from what I’ve seen (but mostly heard – I mean that literally, not by word of mouth).  I have my first two classes tomorrow, and I admit, I’m a little nervous.  It will also be the first day I’ll be interacting with the usual students here.  The first class starts at nine, the second at one, and I have to make sure both are going to be ok for me to take.  I’ll elaborate more tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

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  1. You are one adventuresome young lady. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and your doing this semester abroad. While I was amoung the doubters originally, I think that I am going to enjoy your every blog and look forward to each new experience you write about. Love, Grandpa S

  2. Great photos, Brooke. And NO, they don’t rent those…
    Love, Mom

  3. Cool blog Brooke. You’ve taken some really great pictures!

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