Posted by: brookenado | January 11, 2012

Of karaoke pubs and Malibu Kiss’s…

Dear readers,

First and foremost, I figured out the most unobtrusive way to add a lot of photos at one time on a post.  SO.  You should go check out the previous post again to see the rest of that album!

Secondly, I just returned from my first ever pub crawl (tour) – woo!  We (the international students) went to four different pubs over a few hours and it ended up being a lot of fun.  They got progressively better as well, but that could also be because at the first pub it was pretty early for too many other people to be there.  Anyway, while I was planning on having two drinks…I ended up having just one.  Sorry if anyone was expecting I’d say more than two!  But the drink I had was really good, despite it’s overly – what’s the word?  dramatic?  silly? – name.  It basically tasted like a pina colada with cranberry juice as well.  A group of us ordered two pitchers though it was only enough for one glass each.  This was at the second pub.  The third pub seemed pretty popular, as did the fourth which was the karaoke pub.  There were some talented people at that pub!  We were going to go back to the second pub where we were going to head upstairs, once it opened, for a rock band or something but our group had kind of split up or decided to stay at the karaoke bar at that point.  I was going to have my second drink there, something called the Vampire’s Kiss (really?), I promise!  Anyway, it was a fun time!

The King and Queen is the karaoke pub

I said I’d elaborate more on my classes in my previous post, so here we go.  I’ve only had 3 classes so far; Multimedia and Digital Design, Programming for 3D, and a Global History class.  There is only one that I haven’t been to yet, and the first class for that course (a history class on the Wiemar Republic) will be on Thursday.  Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to switch one of my classes.  The Programming for 3D class sounded much more interesting once I went to the first class than what it sounded like on paper, but it may be above my level since I have no previous programming experience of this kind.  The professor said it would be very difficult, but not impossible, for me to take the class but for once, I think I will just let this class go.  I’ve been thinking about it and the other computer class is a level 3 (highest level here below grad classes) and will already be a lot of work.  Luckily there are some other international students in that class so we can help each other out.  But I don’t want to spend all of my time working on these intensive projects for both classes on top of trying to catch up/teach myself the coding I’ll need for the programming class.  Being abroad, I want to be able to travel and enjoy my time here, too!  So now I have to figure out who I need to sign off on a new course I take back at Miami as well as talking to the advisers and international office here at Sussex.  Lots of other students are having to switch classes as well, but it is a hassle.  I need to attend whatever classes I’m interested in switching to as well before picking one.  Wish me luck, I suppose!

The time to join clubs and societies is coming up, and I’ve been looking into the various things to join.  I also received an interesting email for an invitation to lunch next week.  But I’ve blathered on enough for tonight, I’m sure,  so I will leave that for another day.  I wish you all well and thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed




  1. You were not kidding about adding pictures to your prior blog. Seems like hundreds of them. Taking that many great pic’s would keep you busy all by itself.
    Love your selfconfidence and spirit. Keep up the good work. Love, Grandpa S

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