Posted by: brookenado | January 13, 2012

It’s Friday (friday)

Dear readers,

I apologize for the abhorrent title of this post, it was the first thing to come to my mind and just won’t go away now.  Which really isn’t all that weird for that song, actually.  Ok, ok, moving on.  Today IS Friday – Friday the 13th to be exact!  But there have been no suspicious looking cats, ladders, broken glass…the night is still young though.  But I suppose the fact that it’s January and not October kind of takes the winds out of those sails.  I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do tonight, except that I’ve kind of/sort of made (non)plans with a small group I’ve previously mentioned.  Very specific, yes.  Hopefully we’ll think of something to do fairly soon!

Lolcats. Couldn't resist...

Well, for lack of anything truly exciting going on at the moment, let me give you a recap of yesterday.  I had all four of my classes yesterday so it was a busy day.  After classes and deciding to drop that programming for 3D class (even it does look cool), I looked up some various media classes to take instead.  I just have to pick which one of the 3 or 4 that will work that I want to take.  And get the head of a department at Miami to approve the credits.  And talk to both the Media and the Informatics departments here.  Completely doable, really. 🙂  For dinner, I had some good old spaghetti and afterwards I got to skype with my housemates back at Miami, which was great!  Finally, my flatmates and I went to the other pub on campus (the one I hadn’t been to yet) for a couple hours to hang out with some other people.  It was pretty nice, even if I didn’t have a drink.  Oh, and I met one more actual (British) student here!  Let’s see, now, that makes about 5!  Haha, but not to be completely facetious I am going to be meeting some more people through my history seminars and lab practicals.  I’ve already noticed a few students who are in both of my history courses/seminars, and we’ve already been assigned a group project in one and done group discussions in the other.

Plus, clubs start up next week!  So far, just from browsing the clubs and societies on the online page, I’ve come up with two that I think I’d like to join or get more info for.  The women’s football (let’s be completely clear on this one – soccer) club has practices Tuesdays and Fridays and matches/social nights at the pub with other sports clubs on Wednesday nights.  So it would be a bigger time commitment, even though you only have to attend both practices if you want to play in the matches.  But it does sound like it would be a lot of fun and a good way to settle in to the school and be part of a group, so I’m going to get more information on that (like do they travel for matches?  do we play other schools? etc.)  The other I’m looking at is the “Anim8s” society in which they meet every Tuesday (after the soccer practice would take place) and watch an animated film or show, or go out to the theatre if a new movie is in, and also do social nights occasionally at the pubs in town.  So yeah, those sound good right?  There’s also a walking society that only meets about once a month or so to walk around the country side or take a weekend trip somewhere which could be a fun thing to look into as well.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it as I said I would, I got an email to go to lunch next week.  Students here from about 4 other universities back home were invited to have lunch with students at Sussex who will be or just returned from studying abroad at those schools!  I’m excited to talk to whoever will be/did study at Miami, I think this is a really neat idea that Sussex came up with.

Wow, looks like I had a lot to say for not much going on.  Well I’ll get back to figuring out what to do for my first Multimedia D&A project (and watching tutorials on using Flash).  But before I go, just a heads up, I will be adding some pictures to my last post so check them out sometime!  And tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll have many more to add to my next entry as I’ll be heading into London for the day.

As always, thanks for reading – cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. Love the poster – “planning your doom…” so catlike! Really!! Bri would love that!

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