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“Big Ben”…”Parliament”…

natioDear Readers,

Oh the anticipation!  But I’ve uploaded, cropped, deleted and now I’ve got some pictures from London to share with you.  So you’ll just have to get through the rest of my babbling now before you get to them.  But I have faith in you, readers; both in your patience and your moral fiber to not skip ahead.  So without further adieu, my weekend:

Friday night I actually ended up making good on those non-plans.  The group from York House (as I will now refer to them and consists of Amanda, Betsy, Iris, and Sarah) and I took the bus into Brighton and walked around Brighton for a little while.  But because we ended up discussing cookies on the bus, we were on a mission to find some good cookies and we would NOT be deterred.  So we ended up at a nice little Italian restaurant where they had this chocolate chip cookie lava cake.  Right?  It was delicious, way too sugary, but delicious.   I think Amanda took pictures of all our desserts so I’ll have to re-post a picture of it later.  Eventually we were way to cold to stand being outside anymore so came back to campus, which was well enough seeing as Amanda and I had to get up early on Saturday for the day trip to London.

Iris and me at the restaurant

Saturday was so tiring, but so much fun!  My two other flatmates going and I got to bus, where I realized I dropped my hat (the awesome, warm green one from Ireland that my sister gave me) so asked if I had a few minutes to run back and see if I could find it along the sidewalk.  So I promptly retraced my steps at a sprint, totally expecting to find it.  But I did not.  I ran back to the bus feeling horrible and and out of breath.  But I put it out of my mind as we made our way to London (close to a 2 hour trip by bus), listening to the guide, planning with Amanda, and dozing off a bit, too.  When we reached London, the bus took us around the city for roughly 2 hours then dropped us off near Trafalgar Square.  Amanda, myself, and a girl from Canada who’s name escapes me at the moment but is living off campus with a family outside of Brighton, first found a place to eat lunch.  We stood around with our food very awkwardly for at least 5 minutes before a table opened up for us to sit at.  From there we went to the National Gallery, took many a photo, and then took a look around for a bit but only for enough time to see the first few rooms.  I definitely have to go back there soon!  We walked to Piccadilly Circus after that, where I helped a group on a scavenger hunt by taking a picture inside a phone with them, and where I found the hotel my family stayed at when we were in London.   I also got a nice little print of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben for 1 pound!  From there we had planned on walking to Hyde Park/Buckingham Palace and making our way to Harrods (it’s sale time, after all).  But by the time we reached the Palace we didn’t want to risk being late for the bus so we just turned around and walked back on the other side of The Green Park (I believe is what it was called – across the street was part of Hyde Park though) and stopped at a small cafe to catch a break from the cold.  Did I mention how cold it has gotten over the last few days???  Then we made our way back to where the coach bus dropped us of and came back to Sussex.  I honestly can’t wait to go back into London!

Tower Bridge

Big Ben…Parliament

Helping out some strangers with their scavenger hunt!

This offering is acceptable.

Can I keep him? No really, can I?

Piccadilly Circus

Me and Amanda outside of the National Gallery

Sunday consisted of doing laundry for the first time and learning how it’s just about as awkward as I imagined to drag around a big laundry bag outside.  The only place to publicly do laundry on campus is in the small laundry facility attached to another dorm – one that is about a five minute walk from mine.  It really isn’t that bad, but it was kind of heavy… .  But the laundry facility is another story.  The washing machines cost 3 pounds per wash and the dryer is 1 pound for 30 minutes of drying (which, luckily, on the high setting seems to be enough time for one load to dry).  But you have to have change and that change must be either 1 pound coins or 20 pence coins.  So I had just enough to do my colors, had to exchange to 50 pence coins for a pound coin with someone who was nice enough to do so, and decided I’d do the, admittedly small, load of whites in my sink later.  That still remains to be done, maybe tomorrow.  You may think, why not share a load with someone else?  Well I thought of that too, but no one else had to do laundry yet, and I’m convinced they thought of that, too.  The washing machines are too small to put more than one person’s laundry in at once.  Curse their cunning.  Beside laundry, I also ordered groceries online for the first time (to be delivered tomorrow night).  The price for delivery is still more than an all day bus ticket, though, and I’d rather pick out my food there anyway so I think I’ll pretty much just go to the store from now on.  I know we’re really on just the mundane stuff here, so I’ll wrap it up.

Tomorrow is the “refresher” fair for clubs and societies!  I’m also figuring out switching that one class this week but I’ll give you an update on that next time.  Hopefully I’ll have more information then anyway.  As a last note, my flatmates and I made delicious “inception cookies” (a cookie within a cookie) tonight.  Look below for the pictures!  Thanks for reading and getting through the longest post yet (I knew you could do it!), cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Wow – great photos! Glad you are having fun. So sorry you lost the hat… 😦

    • Thanks! By the way, could you see the captions for any of them in the slideshow or descriptions for any that were in the post? I was having a frustrating time getting them to stay when uploading it last night…
      And I completely forgot to finish the story with the hat – let me write a quick entry to do so right now!

  2. Yes, I could see all your captions on the photos above and they did translate to the circular photo album. Is that what you meant?
    AND I’m so glad you found the hat!!! 🙂

    • Me too! I would have been so disappointed had I lost it! And yes that’s what I meant about the photos; for some reason the slideshow photos don’t show up with the captions that were supposed to be on some of them. Oh well, I’m glad you can then!

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