Posted by: brookenado | January 20, 2012

Regroup, refuel,…refresh?

Dear readers,

I’m sure you will be as glad as I am to know that the grocery thing has resolved itself.  After admitting defeat to finding help or a way to reschedule online, I went to bed deciding to deal with it in the morning.  Thursday morning I sent an email to Asda requesting a way to reschedule other than by phone and if I couldn’t do that, how to cancel the order with a refund – as well as apologizing for the inconvenience I caused.  The day went by without an email back, though that wasn’t unexpected.

That night my flatmate made tacos for dinner, which I scarfed down so as to make it to Falmer bar in time to meet up with the football team to go out.  It was after some serious self debate and the kind of reassurance only a mom can give that I decided to pluck up the courage and just go, despite my feeling absolutely exhausted and not very in the mood to go out.  The thought of the day to come…Thursday…and it being my busiest day of classes and the reading I had yet to do was really a mood dampener.

Anyway, I got over it and dressed up a bit for the theme (fairy tales – I couldn’t do a lot with the limited supplies I have which was just as well for I felt self-conscious not knowing how much they would be into their themes); this consisted of a green shirt/scarf and black pants and boots in an attempt at Robin Hood.  Unfortunately I left my bow and arrow behind at home (something about airport security).  So I got to the bar at 8…and didn’t see anyone.  I checked the back room, and then the front one again before accidentally knocking over the baskets near the entrance containing salt packets and mustard packets.  After that I figured I would wait outside instead.

After fifteen minutes of waiting and the occasional text from the other American joining the team (who decided not to go due to a previous engagement) and was about to leave when I saw some girls in costume.  But they walked in so quickly and with some other guys (all the sports clubs go out together on Wednesday nights apparently), and I didn’t recognize them – I had only met them for an hour and half the previous night and only knew a few names AND they were in costume -, and the other American, Sam, wasn’t going.  So instead of going up to them and asking if they were with the football club, I chickened out and decided to pick up some ice cream instead.

Yesterday was also the day I got up to some haphazard hand washing.  You’ll see what I mean below.  I filled my sink with water and laundry soap, put in the first few items, and then realized I was going to need a place other than the sink to rinse them out so as not to keep refilling the sink and wasting soap.  Thus, I turned to the shower.  With shoes and socks off, pants and sleeved rolled up, I got to it, rinsing clothes by reaching into the shower and replacing their spot in the sink with others.

I pretty much used every possible place in my room to hang wet clothes.  For a day and half now my room has looked absolutely ridiculous.  Especially since I had to prop my door open with my backpack filled with whatever I grabbed to make it heavier and an assortment of shoes.  The clothes are finally, almost completely dry.  I’m going to help them along a bit with the hair dryer though so I can put the blasted things away and use my swivel chair again!

The sink. It worked better than I thought it would.

The back of the bathroom door…

The front of the bathroom door.

The shower…


Right, I just remembered I’d tell you about the clubs I went to on Tuesday.  They were great!  I though I was going to die, and I mean that literally, at football practice but apart from it being cold it was actually not bad at all!  Though I admit, readers, I have been somewhat sore since yesterday morning – which was to be expected.

My soccer  football skills are pretty much up to par as they have been and fitness-wise I was ok, too.  I may have even impressed some of them with a move or two!  30 girls were there and there is a head coach, James, and an assistant, John.  I plan on going to the next practice tomorrow night and I think I’m going to really enjoy playing here and being a part of the team!

The anim8s (animated fans united) seem like a fun bunch as well; really easy to get along with.  I went from practice to watching the animated film of that week with them in one of the lecture theatres, and then out to the bar to hang out for a bit.  They all brought snacks as well, so I’ll have to bring something along next week!  But, while a little awkward at first, I ended up chatting with some of them (a group of about 15 or so) for a good two hours once we got going!  I believe both were successful ventures indeed.

So.  Today has been a day for me to regroup and relax – after my four hours in a row of classes that is.  It was a bit of a hectic start when I went back to sleep after my alarm to, luckily, wake up right as my class was starting.  Getting dressed and put together as fast as I could I made it about 20 minutes past 9.  Now before you panic and say “20 minutes late!!!”, it was luckily the practical for my Multimedia class.  This means that it is very low key, we do individual work at the computers at our own pace, and two other people came in later than myself.

The professor doesn’t care for this part as we can really come in anytime to work on our project (but I don’t plan on making a habit of this!).  After classes and buying the course reading packet for the new class I switched into, I came back to my room and had heard back from Asda that my order was cancelled an no charges would be placed for the undelivered items.  That was a relief.  And now I can plan to fully shop for groceries either tomorrow or Saturday.

After that it’s been a day of low key activity, going back to the lab for an hour to work on my project more (and learning I still have a lot to learn in flash to get this done), and throwing together some dinner with my limited supplies.  Dinner turned out really well, actually!  At a loss, I googled chicken recipes with things I did happen to have and landed on a recipe for chicken with a jam and balsamic vinegar glaze.  I substituted strawberry jam for raspberry, Newman’s Own balsamic vinaigrette dressing for pure balsamic vinegar, and basil for thyme.  Even still, it was a fine meal if I say so myself.

Earlier I invited my York House friends to go to Falmer bar tonight (deal on cocktail drinks every Thursday – turns out just between 6-9 though) and so I met them there for a fun and relaxing drink to end the day.  For those interested, the drink was a Vanilla in the Sky (really, come on now) and it was a winner.  We also got brownies to accompany our drinks which is always a win.

Well dear readers, once again I find myself amazed at my ability to expand upon the more mundane details of my days.  I thank you for your persistence and I hope, your interest.  Tomorrow I have no classes and nothing until football practice at 5:30, so I plan on taking a trip to the center of Brighton.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. Easy Dinner. Place washed, skinless chicken breasts in a glass baking dish and pour in a jar (or two) of Alfredo Sauce (there are a number of varieties, i.e. w/mushrooms, etc.) Bake at 325 for 50 minutes and you are done. Simple and delicious. A side of mashed potatoes always goes well. Really simple. Grandpa S

    • I’m definitely going to hang on to that recipe, looks great and easy to do in a pinch! Thanks 🙂

  2. Great idea, Dad!! Proud of all you are doing, Brooke~! Talk to you Sunday, 10 pm your time! ❤

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