Posted by: brookenado | January 22, 2012

Oh what a night!

Dear readers,

You may be itching to know how my Saturday night was based on the title of this post.  I’m sorry to say that I’ll have to disappoint you right off the bat, here.  You see, while my night was very pleasant, the title is actually in reference to our neighbors’ night.  The flat next to us had a party that went well into the night.  I distinctly remember a short increase in volume a little past 3 in the morning and I think the fire alarm (or door alarm?  None of us really know what kind of alarm it is actually…) went off 2 or 3 times each hour – luckily it turns off rather quickly.

I can’t be too disgruntled, however, because our neighbors did have the courtesy to come ask us if we would mind them having a party earlier in the day.  I just was not expecting such a huge gathering!  Which, I suppose, comes from going to college in the States where having a rowdy dorm party would just be extremely stupid for people who don’t want to be caught and/or fined.  And parties do tend to start late and end late, so I shouldn’t be to surprised there.

But more about my night now!  Or my day in general, really.  It started out with my going to a different (and better!) ASDA with Betsy and Amanda.  I got some much needed supplies – especially baking supplies – and we hauled our stuff back on the bus to campus.  This ASDA was right near the beach at this cool plaza area.  The bus ride there, while longer, was beautiful.  We were at the top of this hill at one point and the view was amazing!  Plus, all the apartments (houses?) on the hill were so colorful, it was beautiful to drive through.

After returning, putting away my groceries, and eating a quick lunch, I started working on my Flash project.  I’ve been watching tutorial videos to learn how to work in Flash and I finally put together a storyboard for the 20 seconds of animation we need to do.  Hopefully I can actually start getting some of it done today.  So yes, after an afternoon of getting some work and emails sorted I went out to dinner with Iris, Betsy, and Amanda in Brighton.  We headed out around 8 and the first place we tried was a Thai restaurant.

I say “first” and “tried” because when we finally got there they were closed on a holiday break from December something to the end of January…none of us had heard of such a thing before.  So we went to another place they had found on some list of places to eat and it was called “Giraffe”.  It was a cool little restaurant and I don’t care what they say about meat in England, my burger was pretty good!  Afterwards we walked around for a little while, which was great because I was stuffed, found some cool little shops we want to check out when they’re open, and then took the bus back.  As I said, it was a very pleasant evening.

Outside Giraffe

The front of the restaurant

My meal – Amanda and I both had burgers and thought the presentation was cool

Giraffes are pretty cool animals, aren’t they?

Betsy, Amanda, and Iris outside Giraffe

Once back to Swanborough, the party was in full swing next door and I decided to poke around on the internet for a bit before going bed.  I ended up checking out BBC iTV (sort of like the British Hulu) and watched the second episode of a set of documentaries about musicals in the West End.  It was really interesting, actually, and I learned some new stuff about musicals I’ve never seen and some about ones I love, such as Les Miserables and its humble beginnings.  Which brings me to my next point of interest.  Last night we decided that we’re going to go see Phantom – which, as some of you may know, is my absolute favorite show! – the weekend of February 11.  I can’t wait!  We just need to buy our tickets and train tickets, now.

Today will be spent doing readings, watching more tutorials, and probably going to the computer lab to start it.  I might make banana bread as well, but the bananas may need a bit more time before they’re ready.  Some of my flatmates are thinking about going for a walk, so maybe I’ll be able to fit that in.  It’s my sincerest hopes that you are all having wonderful weekends yourselves.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed


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