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Past my bedtime

Dear readers,

After a busy week, the weekend has finally arrived.  I realize it’s been a few days since my last post so let me take you back to Wednesday and the interesting day it had promised to be.

Wednesday: It was an interesting day.  After my one class, Joi and I made our way into Brighton and got ourselves somewhat turned around (that may actually have been more my fault – I’ve usually got a pretty fair sense of direction,  usually…) while getting to this restaurant, Wagamama.  We finally got there with some help from a local cheese seller where Oran was waiting for us.

The restaurant was a Japanese noodle place call Wagamama.  I’ve never been to any such place before, so the menu was completely new to me, though I was excited to try it.  And rightfully so – my meal was delicious!  I had a dish of pan fried noodles with chicken, green and red pepper, sprouts, and cooked onions.  And it was eaten with chopsticks, which I found to be fun and I’ll admit, I was a little impressed with my noodle-eating-by-chopsticks ability.

I had been the tiniest bit nervous before my food got there because I didn’t want to embarrass myself by getting food everywhere and/or nowhere.  While talk was a slow at first, we were able to have a really nice lunch and conversation by the end.  Oran made sure Joi and I tried this chocolate cake with wasabi cooked into it (I couldn’t tell if it was just in the frosting or in the cake, too) and while I’m not a fan of spicy food, I’m really glad I tried it.  It was amazing and not spicy in the least!  The wasabi just brought out the flavor of the chocolate more, yum!  Great, now I’m making myself hungry.

After lunch, both Joi and I were stuffed and so enjoyed an hour or so of strolling around Brighton.  We explored the Lanes (narrow streets full of shops that made up the original streets of Brighton) and then the mall in Churchill Square.  Late in the afternoon we decided we should probably head back to campus and after getting off the bus, agreed we should definitely hang out more often.  It was really nice reconnecting with her, so I plan to follow through on that!

Once back in my room, I had only an hour and half before leaving for Brighton again.  But this time, for my flatmate Heather’s birthday.  A pleasant surprise in this short down time was being able to chat for a while with my brother on Facebook!  He also gave me some tips on the type of party I was going to after the dinner – a Rubik’s Cube party (dress in different colors and by the end of the night, after swapping clothes with others, be dressed in all one color).

After finally deciding what to wear that incorporated at least three colors, I made labels for all of them (and I mean ALL of them – paranoid, me?).  I was really hoping to get those clothes back as I packed conservatively before leaving for six months, you see.  (We were supposed to, I was just being cautious).  So my outfit consisted of a purple t-shirt, white soccer shorts, pink socks, and green shoes.  But I couldn’t just wear soccer shorts to the restaurant for dinner, so I stuffed those in my purse after making sure the pants I wore to dinner would fit as well.  I planned to change once I arrived at “Cube”.

Even still, I was woefully (what a great word, seriously) under dressed compared to the other girls going out with Heather.  Dinner was fine; we ate at sushi place called Oki Nami (I think) meaning I had two meals with chopsticks that day!  I simply had a roll of tuna sushi, which was perfect since I was not too hungry from my big lunch.  So yes, it was a very Japanese oriented food day for me.

Then came “Cube”.  To start this part of the night, I have to go back to dinner where I recieved a text from Sam (the other American joining the football team).  Apparently the Rubik’s Cube theme was a no go.  That’s right, there I was all dressed up…err, down…for this theme and it was cancelled.  Were people still going out?  Luckily, yes, people were still going out.  Well I was a little disappointed after going through all of the trouble and was actually getting excited for the theme, but it was alright all the same.

The reason it was cancelled was because it had apparently seemed as if no one was going on the Facebook page, but I had no access to it at that point, so it was nice of Sam to give me a heads up.  At “Cube”, I was about the fifth or sixth to arrive and felt a little out of place and awkward, even though the girls were being really nice to me.  It’s not that I looked ridiculous (no, I didn’t change into my soccer shorts), I just had an expectation before heading in.

I had one drink for the hour or so I was there – a lemonade with peach schnapps – and little by little more and more of the football team was showing up.  I did get to chat with one or two girls for while, getting to know them a bit better, but at other times everyone was engaged in a conversation with someone else and I found it hard to join in.  But all in all, I’m glad I went.  Once the other girls were leaving for the club Oceana, I bid them goodnight and came back to campus after standing in the cold for 15 minutes at the bus stop.  Though it sounded like fun, Wednesday nights really are the worst night for me to go out what with an early start the next morning and my most rigorous class day.  It wasn’t an amazing night, no, but it was alright.

Whew, ok I didn’t think this was going to be such a long post, but I promise the details of Wednesday makes up the bulk of it!  I’ll just sort of gloss over Thursday I think; nothing of particular interest took place.  I went to my classes (and yes, made it to my Multimedia Design and Application practical on time!), made lunch after finishing, and enjoyed the sun coming through the window near the couches in the common room.  Amanda made dinner for the flat and I managed do do some reading for my seminar on Friday, showered later, and went to bed.

Today was fairly good day, overall.  Before my only class of the day I went and bought some broccoli to make with dinner (it was my turn tonight) and started the process of getting a national railway pass, as well as did some research as I attempt to find the best priced, but with still decent seats, tickets for Phantom.  Did I mention that my good friend who is studying abroad in Spain is thinking about coming up to London that weekend to join us, too?  I hope it works out!  My seminar was fine and afterwards I finally was able to find a time when the post office in the Co-op was not extremely crowded and bought some stamps.

Before coming back to the room I decided to check our mailbox and was rewarded with a letter from my mom!  Then it was time for a quick snack before changing and leaving for football practice.  Of course, it was literally right after stepping out of the building that it started to rain (and it had been such a beautiful day)!  It stopped once I arrived at the pitch, but began again in the middle of the practice for a little while.  For whatever reason, I had a really good time at practice today, too.  I think I’m beginning to form a camaraderie with the team, and it was just a fun practice.

After practice it was time to cook dinner – the chicken with asiago (well, I had parmesan), prosciutto, and basil with a butter, wine, and basil sauce.  I was busily moving around the kitchen preparing the chicken, the broccoli, and the rice (what felt like) simultaneously.  My flatmates were very patient and understanding for having such a late meal.  But it turned out very well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After finishing dinner, I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Betsey, Amanda, and Iris!  Sarah, also a part of this group, is friends with Sam (my flatmate, not soccer Sam) who had invited her over and brought them along.  We ended up having a fun yet easygoing evening at our kitchen table playing a game of King’s Cup, in which I did make myself a small drink – mostly cranberry juice, a dash of my tropical citrus Vitamin Water (it seemed like a good idea), and a splash of coconut Malibu that Amanda had brought over.

Then we just chatted for a while.  This also marks the night of my first shot…well jello shot…well, sort of.  Sam and her girlfriend made them yesterday and they weren’t strong; I’d say one shot had half a shot in it, probably even less.  And I kind of cheated on the two I had (not back to back) by eating them bite by bite and not slurping them down.  Super interesting, right?  Readers, you’ll have to bear with me, I’m nearly done I promise.  This is simply to mark an historic moment here.  As it turns out, jello and ice cream are a pretty good combination – vanilla ice cream and lime jello at any rate.  Sam brought the ice cream out for this purpose so it seemed silly not to try it!  I had previously had no plans for tonight, but this was an excellent solution as I was in good company and a warm flat.  It just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life are the unplanned moments!

Tomorrow is the day trip to Windsor Castle, though I signed up too late and am currently on a waiting list that is bordering on the long size.  I’ll check my email before going to bed to see if by some miracle, I am able to go, but this may be a blessing in disguise.  Most likely, I’ll be here so I can use that time during the day to get the majority of my flash project done as it’s due next Thursday.  Anway, for lack of a better title to this post, it really is way past my bedtime and I honestly can’t believe how late it got!  Thanks for reading and making it through such a monster of a post, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

I’m imagining this to be similar metaphorically to how you, dear readers, are conquering this post. (Why yes, I have been listening to Legend of Zelda music lately, why do you ask?)



  1. I don’t think it was that difficult to get through, Brooke. I didn’t use my sword once! 🙂

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