Posted by: brookenado | February 3, 2012

“I’m stuffed, I ate like a pig!”…”Pumba, you are a pig.”

Dear readers,

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, and for that I apologize, but I had to get through them before I could regale you with more of my adventures.

What a week.  And by that I mean a week filled with lack of sleep, lots of work, and a fair share of cooking.  Now I’ve been keeping on top of my school work, but I did happen to have a project, paper (with the the project), and presentation all due today.  I finally added the final touch to my Flash animation project this morning – a replay button – and submitted it along with the paper I finished last night.  I’m pretty happy with the way the project turned out and proud for accomplishing what I did in such a short amount of time and having never used Flash before.  In the next few days I will see if I can post it up somewhere.

The presentation was for my Global History class and I ended up being the first presenter of the term.  The presentations are ungraded, however, I still worried about how to format it and what the norm for presentations here is.  It was to be around 10 minutes and generate discussion on the lecture topic this week (tools of empire).  So while I had come up with questions that the readings and lecture had generated in my mind to discuss, I was stumped in figuring out how I wanted to present.  Last night I decided to do a quick PowerPoint with slides relating to the questions, a couple of quotes from the readings, and a few little pictures.  Now normally I would practice a presentation until I had the gist of it down and memorized for a smoother presentation, but do recall that this week with filled with fewer hours of sleep than necessary.  So I practiced once before going to bed, and then once more mentally before heading over to that class from the computer lab.  On my way there I was starting to get a little nervous, and I did start off a little shaky.  But fear not, for I was able to calm myself and take a mental deep breath then continue much more naturally.  After presenting, a discussion was generated between the class from the questions I brought up as well as further points brought up by others.  All in all, I think it went well…or at least, the seminar professor thanked me for a good presentation/discussion when class ended.

After that, it was one more lecture to go to and then, because it’s my off week for my Friday class, my weekend officially began.  What a relief!  Now I’m going to backtrack a bit here and go to last night.  I’ve switched from making dinner on Friday nights (they were late dinners after coming back from football practice) to Wednesday nights.  So after going to a meeting about assessments in the Summer term, then to the lab to all but complete my project, it was time to make dinner.  I made a “quick pastitsio” which ended up taking a little more time than “quick”.  But that was more due to me adding more than the recipe required, making it for the first time, and hoping against hope we had a pot large enough to mix it all in and then bake it in.  The baking part had to leave out some of the pasta and sauce.  It turned out well, but I really couldn’t fully appreciate it after working on it for so long.  Plus, I had to scarf it down because I was already late to meet Betsey and Sarah at East Slope bar for the Harry Potter quiz.  (Do note that I had it again for lunch today, and I don’t know if it was the food having more time to sit, or me not being as stressed out, but I think it was better today!)

Yes that’s right: a Harry Potter pub quiz (back by popular demand, apparently).  I didn’t quite know what to expect having never been to a bar and/or pub quiz, but it was fun!  As I was running late, I missed the first half of the questions, but the way it went was we split up into groups (as in, you were with the people you came with so there were teams of all different sizes) and had one sheet of paper per group.  The guy running the quiz would ask the question and your team would put down the answer.  Most of the questions weren’t too tough, but there were a few tricky ones and a few that you really had to think back to remember the answer.  At the end, you swapped papers with another team who marked yours while the answers were shouted out.  Our team, the Fizzing Whizbees (solid name, I thought – nice one Betsey!), tied for 3rd with three other teams – these Sussex students know their Harry Potter!  We got 2 questions wrong (the number of passageways leading from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade – it’s 7, if you wanted to know -, and Ginny’s first boyfriend – Michael Cornerstone – now you have another very handy piece of knowledge, you do).  One I managed to grab from the far reaches of my memory was the password to the Gryffindor dormitories in the first book – thank you Percy for saying it very distinctly in the movie.  Though, I’m still not sure whether or not that’s something to be proud of…Anyway, two teams tied for 2nd so had a face off for 1st.  The winner got a huge bottle of cider (a type of beer).  Second place got a smaller version.  But it was a good time and nice way to break up working all day.  But I really want to watch Harry Potter now!

Fitting, right?

So up until now the title of this post must be something of a mystery to you, am I right?  Well let’s get to that then!  After officially starting my weekend after class, I came back and had lunch.  But after lunch it was straight back to cooking, for I was planning on attending the international dinner on campus tonight.  To attend, you simply had a to bring a dish.  A nice thing was that it wasn’t restricted to just the study abroad or international students either, all were welcome.  After conferring with my very helpful mom, I decided (based upon the ingredients I could get at the Co-op across the street) to make the ever popular bacon-spinach roll ups.  If you’ve never had them before, they are a simple but delicious blend of cooked spinach, lemon zest, cream cheese, mayonnaise (oops – forgot to add this today!), crumbled bacon, and a dash of salt and pepper all spread in a flour tortilla, rolled up, cut into slices, and put in the oven for a short amount of time.  Like I said, delicious!  Two of my flatmates went with me and we made our way over to an area of campus I hadn’t yet been to. It was at Northfield, the newly built set of flats on the far end of campus.  It was a nice amount of people there, not too crowded but definitely not awkwardly small, either!  And I tried a little bit of everything that I could and boy, am I stuffed!  It was all delicious, and unfortunately some foods passed me by as they were gone before I could get to them.  Oh well, I don’t think I could eat another bite of food even now, hours later. There were many desserts, Indian rice dishes, Asian noodles, pastas, soups, French pastries and more.  One of the more interesting (and delicious) things was a pink potato salad!   We met two girls from Estonia (which I’m proud to say I know where it is – thank you Mr. Heaphy’s and Dr. Jensen’s map quizzes!) who are full time, actual students here, which was very cool.  I also saw Sam, from the football team, and a girl from the anim8s as well, and we stayed much longer than I thought we would.

Slimy, yet satisfying. (though, to the extent of my knowledge, I had no bugs tonight)

Afterwards – yes, there’s a bit more – I ended up going to Falmer bar on campus with Betsey, Iris, and Amanda.  I didn’t have any drinks because as I said, I think I was going to burst if I had!  But it was fun and a great way to end the day.  There had been talk about going to a club in Brighton tonight, but I have to admit that this was better just because I’m so tired and it’s so cold here right now!  It snowed on Tuesday, our football match on Wednesday was cancelled because the ground was frozen, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow I believe.  While some people here are snow lovers, I have to admit, I hope that it warms up again very soon.  So, yes, going to Falmer bar was just fine with me to meet up and wind down.

Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing going on until practice at 5.  The other girls mentioned going into town for a late breakfast or for lunch and walking around tomorrow, so I think I will join them.  We’re also going to get together later tomorrow night to figure out our trip to London and to see Phantom(!).  It’s looking like we’re going to go in two weeks now, rather than next weekend, which is better for all of us.  And I guess we’re going to just stay in London and make a whole weekend out of it!  I just purchased my railway card today (after a short and awkward self photo session for a passport-like photo), so I am so ready!  I do hope it arrives tomorrow, though, because I need to get myself a ticket into London for this Saturday for the IFSA-Butler day trip to Stonehenge and I think, Winchester.

As always, I’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.  Thanks for reading (another long post), cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed


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