Posted by: brookenado | March 8, 2012

Would you care for a cup of tea, Mr. Holmes?

Dear readers,

Today’s post will have to be brief as there’s much to do and so little time!  I leave tomorrow morning for my trip to Wales with Butler for the weekend.  I’ll be taking the train through Lewes for the first time (I have yet to explore this town on the other side of Sussex) on my way to meet up with the group in London.  Then it’s a long bus ride over to Snowdonia in Northwest Wales, up in the mountains.

As it is a “weekend adventure trip”, we were able to choose (out of about 10 activities) how to spend Saturday and part of Sunday.  So what I’ll be doing is kayaking in one of the lakes to take in the scenic views on Saturday morning, then hiking in the mountains after lunch (all meals over the weekend are paid for, making for a happy Brooke…even if we probably paid for that in the program fees somewhere), and checking out the local town before leaving Sunday around noon.  The hotel is completely booked for our group, so there will be a party at the hotel Saturday night.  I’ve heard Wales is just stunning and I’m very excited to go and see for myself!  And here’s hoping the weather will be nice, or at least not rain!

Today has been a slightly strange back and forth on my emotions, not unlike a game of shoots and ladders, actually.  I woke up this morning tired and unready for the day because the night before I wasted a whole lot of time (a whole lot) looking at old pictures on Facebook when I should have just gone to bed.  I know, I know – but seriously, I can’t be the only person who’s done that!  At lab I became increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress in creating my flash game.

But thank goodness for small mercies.  My other two classes went by quicker than usual and by the time I finished my amazing lunch, I was feeling much recovered.  Once again, food has shown it’s peculiar power to raise spirits and make you feel…just plain good.

So what was this amazing lunch you may ask?  Well,  I had just enough of my curried chicken salad left over from last night (it was a hit with everyone, and is one of my favorites!) for lunch today.  But instead of putting it over lettuce and eating it like that, I decided why not try it in a wrap?  So I warmed a tortilla, put some romaine lettuce on it, scooped the last of the chicken salad on it, and wrapped it up the best I could.  This chicken salad is so easy to make, has bacon, apples, celery, and a simple mixture of mayonnaise and curry powder and is light and delicious!  Turns out that it is just as successful in wrap form as in salad form.

While this would have proven good in itself, we still have to get to that “amazing” status.  I mentioned there is celery in the salad, however I had to buy a whole bunch when I needed only about two stalks.  What was I going to do with celery before it goes bad?  Needless to say, the answer came to me – and oh, what a beautifully simple solution it was and was!  Elementary, some may say.

Ants on a log.  Yes, I pulled out the childhood classic and tweaked it a little.  I used up the last bit of my cream cheese and them made more with peanut butter.  Since I have no raisins on hand, I decided to try it with the dried figs I purchased on a whim last weekend (which are so good!).  It was definitely a success as the sweet, slightly nutty taste of the figs blended well with cream cheese and, surprisingly so, with the peanut butter.  Finally, to round it all out and bring this meal to the healthy, delicious, amazing meal it was, I had an apricot yogurt and thought to mix in some granola/oat-like cereal one of my flat mates bought but isn’t a fan of and asked us to use up.  That meal had me feeling comfortably full and off to a great start on getting my fruits, veggies, and vitamins in for the day (I had some pre-made smoothie drink to drink as well).

Alright, getting back on track.  The important thing was that lunch had me reinvigorated to get back to the lab to work on my game project some more.  Unfortunately, as you may be guessing, three hours later had me feeling something akin to despair.  I’ve looked up code after code, many tutorials, I’ve changed my idea that I was working on this morning to what seemed like a simpler game, and yet I still cannot seem to make any progress beyond getting the playable object/character to move using the arrow keys and stop when they hit the walls of the stage.  A bit of a hiccup, there.

The game and paper that goes with it are due next Thursday, and I’m going to be gone all weekend.  I know I’ll get it done, I have to, but where usually I can get myself to think through it all and push myself, my spirit is failing.  There is no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, readers, nor is there in the foreseeable future.  Even now, just reflecting upon it is getting me (probably somewhat unreasonably) upset.

Which is why when I was getting too drowsy to get any real work done and came back to my flat, I made a cup of tea, munched on one chocolate espresso cookie and one coconut cranberry chew, settled myself in bed and opened up “The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”.  That certainly helped to calm my emotions once more.

But now I’ve spent more time than I meant to on writing this post – should any of us be surprised at that? – and must get back to packing for the weekend and getting any work done that I can before I leave.  Thankfully my Spring break trip is very close to being all planned out and booked, the last thing I need to do being reserving train seats and purchasing a ticket for my way back to London from France.  So readers, you won’t be hearing from me until at least Monday (we’ll see how the game progresses) but the next post will detail the wonderful weekend I’m bound to have – and hopefully do a little bit of justice to Wales with my camera!  My closing thoughts for this post?  Enjoy your own weekends; try figs if you’ve never had them before (fresh or dried, and they are great for you), or read a bit of Sherlock Holmes with a comforting cup of tea if you need a bit of a pick me up.  (It really works, I promise)  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Did mention how cool it is to recognize the places and street names in London when reading it?



  1. Love Sherlock Holmes, have read them all! Another wonderful British mystery series is by Agatha Christie. Try a little Hercule Poirot with a spot of tea!!! Love you, and have a grand weekend! Xoxo. Aunt Betsy

    • Thanks! I have heard that her novels are good, I’ll have to keep that in mind when I finish the two books I just bought. All these mysteries make me reminisce about reading Nancy Drew! Does Kacey read those at all?

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