Posted by: brookenado | March 17, 2012

The old fashioned way

Dear readers,

Time sure escaped from me this week, and I will regretfully have to go back on my word.  It’s just not going to be possible to get that post out about Wales before I’m offline for a couple of weeks.  In fact, I’m watching the time tick down on this computer in an internet cafe in London as I type!

So yes, readers, you will have to be without the written word of Brooke for at least two weeks.  Horrible.  But worry not!  For I brought a notebook to keep as a journal of my adventures so they are ready to share when I’m back online.  That’s right, I will be doing things the old fashioned way for a little while (you know – writing…with a pen and paper).  I do want to apologize for my lack of said promised post and can only offer the nature of this week as my excuse.  There will be a lot to share when I’m back, and I wish you all the best while I’m away!

To give you an idea of how my trip is panning out, here it is.  We are in London now as we had to come book our train seat reservations for our Eurail passes here (no, the internet and phone would not allow us to do so…quite frustrating really).  Now we’re waiting until the evening to take the train to Gatwick Airport were will sit all night until our flight at 7:15 tomorrow morning.  By 10:30 on Sunday morning we will be in Salzburg, Austria.  Our next stop will be Vienna, and from there we will make our way to Zurich.  After Zurich I am meeting my parents in Venice (very excited to see them!) and we will travel to Florence and Rome as well.  Then it’s on to Paris for a night, then to La Rochelle for Easter, and back to Paris to take the Eurostar into London to end my journey.  I come back a week earlier than the end of break, which will be good to get some work done (yep, I’ve got a paper and a presentation immediately that next week at the start of Summer term).  It will also give me more spending money for traveling in June. 🙂

Wish us all safe travels!  Look forward to some packed posts in a couple of weeks – the adventure is truly afoot now.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

We know Brianne would be all over that empty Pringles can



  1. Have a FUN trip and SAFE travels. I know your parents will be as glad to see you as you them. Please be street smart and keep alert. You will meet many interesting people, but everyone will not be your friend. We are all proud of you and the way you are making the very most of each adventure you experience. Enough from old grandpa. ENJOY. Love, Granda S

  2. I know you miss my lovely pringle music =)

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