Posted by: brookenado | August 22, 2012

School is afoot…

Dear readers,

It begins – the end that is.  Yesterday was my last first day as an undergraduate student at Miami University.  Which is insane!  For those who don’t know, I’ll be graduating in December yet completing a grad certificate in the Spring semester.  So I’ll still be here a full school year, which I must say I’m very grateful for.  My core group of friends here who are my housemates and family at Miami are all lining up to pretty much be the some of the top people in their fields.  While this is truly great, it also means we’re all going in different directions once this year ends.

Readers, some of you may recall those “glory days”, but do you remember the not so peachy aspects as well?  After my first day of classes yesterday I came home somewhat pooped and absolutely not ready for school work to start up again.  Luckily, today I was more in the swing of things and more excited for my classes as well.  Having spent last semester in the UK, I’m also regretting the loss of that system (check out my post on the difference at if you want more info!).  Funnily enough, more tedious coursework, an increase in lectures rather than more intimate class discussions, and more tests is not something I’m looking forward too…yet not all of my classes will be like that, fortunately!

This grad certificate is in Interactive Media Studies and I’m enrolled in two classes towards it this semester.  While I’m trying to switch one of the two and force add into a full class about visual rhetoric, the other I had today I am quite happy with.  The professor is the driving force behind the Interactive Media Studies department.  He knows his stuff, and from what I saw today, knows how to teach it in a very engaging manor.  The class is Social Media Marketing.  We will be learning all about the many social media sites and applications out there right now, and doing it in a way where we have to use them on a daily or weekly basis.  One such site is wordpress itself; one of the few I’m actually quite familiar with!  We will be creating our own “living textbook” for the class with Google Reader rather than buying one, on the basis that social media is constantly evolving (so why bother publishing a static textbook?).

Besides this novel class, it seems I’ll have much reading to occupy my time as well as written assignments.  While I enjoy writing, and much prefer essays to tests, I still feel a little daunted at the amount of work thrown at me in each syllabus over these past two days.  Another thing I miss about the UK system is not having to buy books.  Everything was made available to the students online or in the library at Sussex, yet here it’s not unheard of to spend over $300 on books in one semester!  Does anyone else find something wrong with this picture?  I suppose all I can do is try my best to sneak around having to actually purchase some of them.

But of course, this is all just me whining about not wanting to do school work as I’m suffering from the “back to school blues”.   Though I hardly thought I’d be suffering from reverse culture shock seeing as only 5 and a half months were spent in the UK,  I have to admit that I am finding it more difficult to adjust to school here once again, as mentioned.  It’s not just with the differing amount of school work and class time either.  While I honestly can’t say how great it is to be back with my tight knit group here, I’m also missing the friends I made in England.  It’s different once again to be in a house and not with my flatmates in Swanborough, block two.  I miss goofing around with Amanda, Betsey, and Iris and traipsing around London and Europe with them.   I miss not watching a great film every Tuesday with the Anim8s and then hanging out at Falmer bar afterwards, occasionally ordering an Archers and lemonade.  I’m even going to miss taking the bus to get groceries at Sainsbury’s!

Blues aside, however, this should be a really fun year and definitely not the beginning of the end.  Rather, it is the beginning of something new; the beginning of the beginning as it were.  I’ll make it through the papers, projects, and enough of the readings, and throwing in some fun because let’s face it, it’s college.  Then, come next year, who knows what kind of opportunity I’ll have to pursue my aspirations?  Oxford, Ohio may be nowhere near London or anything like Brighton, but the fact that it’s a college town means there are always students around campus and always something to do.

So here’s to being a senior!  Here’s to adventures to be had this year, and to new adventures to come.  As soon as I can, I will post more about Miami to give a better picture of what university life is like.  The campus is one of the most beautiful there is and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.  And although we’re done with Italy, I still have stories to tell of France, events in London, of Ireland, and Scotland – so stay with me!

The end of summer seems to herald more work for everyone, whether in school or out.  And so, it is my hope that you are all feeling refreshed from summer (or still enjoying it!) and ready to tackle whatever Fall has to offer.  As for myself, I’m taking it one day at a time and pulling out my Twinings tea to appease my England pining.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Before I go, let’s summarize this post in lolcats:

What I’m doing

What I should be doing as a senior

What I’m missing




  1. Cheers to a new year, senior!

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