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Summer, At Week’s End

Dear readers,

After a week of cloud shroud, the sun finally came out to play this weekend.  I was prepared to take full advantage of the weather.  My sister and her boyfriend have started exploring the hiking trails around San Diego.  They had done one last week, and invited my brother and I to trek another one on Saturday.

Here we go!

Here we go!

Shoes on, bf picked up, and a few vague directions (head West) later, we found ourselves on the trails of the Torrey Pines State Reserve.  We followed the road up and wound our way around the trails to get to Razor Point. (

Just look at that

Just look at that

The view, despite the sun deciding it didn’t want to actually be out in Torrey Pines yet, was stunning and the rock formations and deformities are just something else.

Lots and lots of paragliders flew in and out of view - Torrey Pines has a well known paragliding school

Lots and lots of paragliders flew in and out of view – Torrey Pines has a well known paragliding school

In terms of difficulty, these trails are mild and very doable.  I was surprised by how many other people were out there with us – then again, we were right above the beach in summertime.  There were couples carrying tiny babies, older couples strolling along together, and other young adults out enjoying the day.  At one fork in the path we decided to take the one leading down to the beach.

I've been caught!

I’ve been caught!

Amazingly, the shoreline where the whitewash would brush over was littered with nests.  Of what you ask?  Sand crabs.  Sand crabs everywhere.  Because there were so many I first assumed the small bumps were the small clams that frequent the beaches around here now and then.  But when I went to grab one by scooping a small amount of sand, I felt many tiny legs scrambling to get back under cover!

Sand crab nests - these lined the beach, I'd never seen so many in one spot

Sand crab nests – these lined the beach, I’d never seen so many in one spot

The hike was a nice way to get out of the house and explore more of San Diego – and there are plenty of other trails to hike!  Of course, the sun did finally come out as we were pulling away from the parking lot.  Typical.  Oh well, it was off to a casual lunch of gyros before heading home.

We did get to see an osprey perched on its nest, which was a highlight

We did get to see an osprey perched on its nest, which was a highlight

Yesterday the sun was out right from the start which, on a Sunday, could only mean one thing…beach day!  I packed a sandwich, my dad and I fit the surfboard into the car, and not long after we had our spot on the warm sand.

As per usual, we went for a walk down the shore and kept an eye out for dolphins, guitar fish, and my dad for good fishing spots (oddly enough, no sand crab nests graced our beach this weekend).



Though the tide was strong and muddied the water near the shore, we did manage to see two guitar fish.  One came right up to us before darting away – they are very cool looking fish.  Look them up if you’ve never seen one!  A little while later, after soaking up some sun and people watching, I decided it was time to take the board out.

I wetsuited up and ten minutes later I was stepping into the cool ocean water.  (No lie.  Putting on a full body wetsuit can be a feat in its own right, but they work miracles for keeping you warm.  And saving your knees.)  There were some good waves forming a little ways out, which made for a nice ride on my longboard.

Beach day, woo! (Ok, I cheated with this and the last photo, which were taken last November...we didn't bring a camera to the beach yesterday)

Beach day, woo! (Ok, I cheated with this and the last photo, which were taken last November…we didn’t bring a camera to the beach yesterday)

Sometimes I forget how much I really enjoy being out there; surfing can be one of those things where you get frustrated with yourself if you aren’t getting up or catching good waves.  But third wave in was a beautiful one, and as soon as I was up I was grinning like mad.

So I sloshed back to where I had drifted from and was right back at it for a couple more before we had to leave, a smile on my face the entire time despite some cramping arms (yeah thanks, I get it body, I’ve been slacking).

Like I said, we didn’t bring a camera so we’re just going to have to use our imaginations.  I think this is pretty close to how I looked out there, though.


Yeah, and this one. See that’s definitely a longboard there.

In reality, it was a lot like this. 🙂

As soon as I came to shore my dad immediately points to where some dolphins have been swimming around catching dinner.  He points to 11 o’clock, just to the left of the sail boat on the horizon and wouldn’t you know it?  Not five seconds later a dolphin jumps full out of the water doing a flip!  Incredible.

Yep, it was a good weekend.  I hope you had a nice weekend yourselves, and just remember – only four more days until next weekend!


Now Comic-Con is a few days away for us here in SD, and I’m going to try to get another post out in the next day or two with more details and some awesome geekery going on in my life.  But I’ve got to give a preliminary shout out to any Sherlockian readers as I’ll be heading to the SherlockeDCC bash on Thursday.  Definitely stop and say hello if you’re going!

Until next time…

Mischief managed

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