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Sherlock: The Game is On

Dear readers,

You may (or may not – it’s possible, I suppose) recall my mentioning something called “Sherlock: The Game is On” in my SherlockeDCC post.  Here’s a refresher…

Improbable Studios presents Sherlock the Game is On RPG image

Sherlock: The Game is On is a massive collaboration project being undertaken by Sherlockians around the world.  We have an amazing team full of artists, writers, puzzle designers, translators, sound designers, and more.  Our fearless leader/organizer has been just that – amazingly fearless and so hard working as to be inspiring.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about the wonderful people making this game a reality.

As we work, we had an exciting event to add to our list.  We debuted our trailer and a developer “making of” video at the Sherlock Seattle Convention earlier this month!

Sherlock the Game is On Seattle convention poster image

A few of the team members were able to set up a table at the con, and on Saturday saw the official video screening presentation.  Some amazing Sherlock swag was sent to Seattle by team members for con attendees to enjoy.

Sherlock the Game is On Seattle convention swag image

Swiggety-swag, our game’s out of the bag! (I do hope more Con love is in store!)

Sherlock: The Game is On takes place in the BBC’s modern version of the detective’s world, and puts the player in John Watson’s shoes.  As John, you will be sent off to solve cases and puzzles around London, connect with the other characters & help them out, and basically just survive living with Sherlock Holmes – RPG style.  Seriously, the game is going to be awesome, and many fans will appreciate the fun shout outs to other fandoms (and of course to ACD canon and the other versions of Holmes and Watson!).

Incredible people and plot aside, the fact that this game is all a labor of love makes it even cooler.  Fans collaborate online to make games now, collaborating is cool.

We are all working our butts off in our free time to put the game together, and Sherlock: The Game is On will be available to fans for free.  Yes, for free.  Because we’re that awesome.  And we don’t want to get sued (disclaimer: BBC Sherlock is clearly the property of the BBC).  But mostly because we’re awesome and want to share our Sherlockian love and appreciation.

Such Sherlockian appreciation is made apparent during team bonding game night silliness serious brainstorming sessions.

Sherlock the Game is On Drawception image

Sherlock the Game is On Drawception image

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to contribute and be a part of this project.  Incredibly lucky, and incredibly proud.  Now, what exactly am I able to contribute to the team?  I was brought on as a puzzle designer, and also help out on the writing team.  The writers and puzzlers work so closely together anyway, that many of us end up dabbling in both teams.

Sherlock the Game is On puzzle designer banner image

So how in Mycroft’s name are we doing this thing?  Magic.  Or the Internet.  Close enough.  In a more official explanation than my own:

“Communication and collaboration between staff members all take place on a private development website where developers can view, upload, comment, and give feedback on each other’s work. We also hold monthly online staff meetings where we discuss the overall direction of the game, set goals for next month, and review what we have accomplished so far.”

Well, that’s about all I can tell you without giving too much away.  But here is the real reason for this post, to show off the amazing development vid.  A lot of work went into it, as you will be able to tell very quickly.  I literally swell with pride every time I watch it – and having just read all the youtube comments, I think my heart may have grown three sizes today.

(I do pop up on there a few times – hopefully sounding suitably intelligent for a Sherlock fan – and mean every word I say.  This experience is humbling, exciting, and wonderful in so many ways.)

Development of the game is still very much ongoing, and you can watch for updates on the Sherlock: The Game is On tumblr, twitter, and facebook (among others – find links on tumblr).  If you’re reading this and thinking, wow, this team is the bees knees!  I wish I could help out…, then you will be happy to know that we are always looking for more developers and you can still send in an application to join one of the teams.  (Refer to the tumblr site for instructions.)  Otherwise, we just appreciate your support and the overwhelming enthusiastic response we’ve gotten so far – thank you!

I’ll stop abusing the word “incredible” now, but if you have any questions, shoot!  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

P.S. Did I mention that you can listen to a sample of the game’s original soundtrack?  Right when you thought this post couldn’t possibly get any more incredible….

Sherlock the Game is On original soundtrack image

Just click the pic and have a listen



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  2. […] your own decks as well.  I played for the first time a little while back with fellow Sherlockians/The Game is On collaborators.  It was hysterical, and lots of giggling […]

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