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Halloween Directive? WALLE Cosplay!

Dear readers,

I like Halloween.  It’s a fun time of the year to be a little creative, a little spooky, and a little goofy (or spoofy).  But believe or not, this wasn’t always so.

As a kid I was pretty shy and nervous in new situations.  Haunted houses terrified me (ok, still do unless they’re silly ones), dressing up meant putting myself out there.  I was batman in Kindergarten, the Yellow Power Ranger the year after that, and actually, yeah, those rocked.  Then I was a black cat, also great – I love cats!  And then a black cat.  Ok!  …And a black cat.  Hmm.

Black cat became a safety.  It was expected.  It wasn’t until some time in high school I got over what was expected and safe, and after a period of not dressing up at all, joined in anyway.  A decision I don’t regret.

Sabrina Salem gif

Cats are awesome. Especially when they’re sassy evil wizards trapped in a cat’s body.

I’ve been dressing up for Halloween since, and if you’ve been following my blog over the summer, you’ll know that I’ve even begun to delve into cosplay these days having done Molly Hooper and Amy Pond during Comic-Con!  There is so much creativity to be found in this area of pop/nerd culture, it’s hard not to be inspired to jump in.

This Halloween, my costume came about very last minute.  I had a few ideas early on, but then found out that there was to be a group theme of Disney at the office.  So I put on my thinking cap.  With limited time and limited budget, I narrowed my options down based on what was already available in my closet.

A quick Google search for some basic ideas later and I had my costume.  Well, I had the plan, the vision if you will.  It started like this…

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Thank you closet.

Pull out a pair of gray jeans, and I’ve got the clothes.  Time to get a little more creative and build a chest piece.  First step was to cut out the design.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Thank you new pair of shoes for donating the box top

And thanks to my mom for helping me out.  With so little time, there wasn’t much room for someone just beginning to learn the ins and outs of sewing to make a mistake and start all over.  So we began by making a pillow case design for the box top, open on both ends to slide it in.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Best mom ever – I hope I will be as handy with that machine as you some day!

We cut out a quick design in the fabric using a t-shirt of mine (fittingly the WALLE one) as a template, adjusting it appropriately.  Velcro was stitched onto the fabric so that it could close around the sides and under the arms.  The covered box was stitched onto the front as well.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Here’s how it all came together

Then I had to test it.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image


Before any of the fabric was stitched on, back when I cut out the design in the box, we poked a hole at the top near the center.  I strung a battery powered light onto a twist tie.  Once the fabric was on, we opened the stitching where the light would go, big enough to squeeze the light through and let it hang down between the cardboard and the fabric in the back.

Time to pull out the glue gun, scissors, and some old gardening(?) glasses/goggles.  This part sure brought back memories of old school projects as a kid!

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Hot glue gun, check.

A few details later (using blank address stickers for the “WALLE” label – it was last minute, but it worked well enough – hot gluing felt to the shoulders of the chest piece, and attaching cut out rectangles of the felt to the pants for the treadmill/tire leg effect), and it was ready.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image


Oh, and the props!  Pshh, of course there were the props.

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image


(Sorry about the image quality – didn’t use the flash in case it would ruin the effect of the light from the chest piece!)

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

Whoa! New day, new things to see and collect!

WALLE disney pixar costume cosplay brookenado image

What does it do?

I know, I’m sorry, no EVE or little cockroach buddy.  But there you have it, how my WALLE costume/cosplay was created.  And as mentioned, I am quite new to the cosplay-costume making scene, so if I can do this, anyone can!  It’s such a cool thing to bring your idea to life, and even cooler to put on the final product.  And no more big hesitation.  I loved dressing up and showing it off at work, joining many other great costumes!

My costume has been featured on the wonderful Crafty Little Monster blog!  Be sure to check it out, her blog is awesome and so very creative!

So readers, although it’s already unbelievably November, Happy Halloween!  I hope it was a fun day/night for everyone celebrating.  If you made your own costume, leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you did!

Carved Pumpkins Halloween image

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

P.S. Because this is a wholly important issue, please take a second to get through my moment of righteous indignant ranting, because we could learn a thing or two from this little girl.

What to be for Halloween?  Thor.

Thor is pretty

My costumes never end up as a means to be someone I’m not, but rather to show myself through the characters I admire and identify with in some aspect of my own sense of self.  And that’s what is so great about creating your own costume.  You have the freedom to make it how you like – add a little humor here, a bit of clever there – and you don’t have to settle for what is put out there for you.  As a woman, it’s sorely disappointing to search for costumes to get some ideas and find “sexy [insert character, stereotype, food – yes, food – here].”  What, no.  And in comes wisdom of small child – If I’m going to dress up, I think I should be a damn pretty God of Thunder.



  1. Thanks for the mention, Brooke! I love your costume 🙂

    • Of course! Thank you again for featuring me on your blog 🙂

  2. I said this back on Vanessa’s blog, but your’re costume is great! I loved seeing how you actually made the chest piece.

    Moms like those in your story make me appreciate my mom all the more. She not only let her little girl dress up as characters such Leonardo from TMNT and Robin Hood, but encouraged it. She says that I would flat out refuse to be anything that couldn’t beat anyone up.

    • Thank you! You’re costume was brilliant :). And I totally get that about wanting to be someone who could kick butt! Thank goodness for moms who let us be awesome.

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