Posted by: brookenado | December 8, 2013

Artisans’ Alley

Dear readers,

Yesterday morning began with an eagerness, a warm Starbucks treat, and a hastily thrown umbrella into the car as patches of gray clouds drifted through the sky overhead.  My mom and I were headed to a wonderful event which my hometown has hosted for a whopping 41 years – and I have never been!

Mycroft Holmes BBC Sherlock, Keep Calm and Bring an Umbrella

Sound advice, Mycroft Holmes.

Yes, as we dashed from the car past small restaurants and shops to reach Starbucks, I marveled at our little Southern California town preparing for a ‘cold winter day’.  Just about anywhere else in the world the weather is dreadfully colder, with slush, sleet, and snow, and here are people coming down the street in ponchos, other in warm jackets and hoods, and many people stopping in for a warm drink!

Cat blanket lolcat

Sorry, tis blanket iz taken. What do u mean itz 60 degreez outside?

After our breakfast stop, we made our way to one of to the elementary schools in town where tents had been set up for the Artisans’ Alley Craft Faire.  I’m not sure why I haven’t been, it was a lot of fun seeing the wonderful creativity!

Booths artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market8

And it was the perfect place to do a little Christmas shopping, and support these artists around the county.

Decorations artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market3

Artisans Alley is also a booster for the school music programs.

Elementary School choir artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market4

Pretty darn cute

Artisans’ Alley was like walking through a big Etsy shop – which I believe many of the artists there have.  I was actually a little surprised when I saw some familiar characters in multiple booths!

Jack Skellington artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market9

Some Internet meme phenomenon even made an appearance!

Flower Crowns artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market6

Flower crowns, anyone?

So it turns out that a fun morning with my mom was just what I needed.  And what a great tradition Artisans’ Alley is, it was inspiring to see all of those people sharing their passion and hard work!  Even with the intermittent rain, it was a lovely to mingle and browse.

Having gone to school in the Midwest of the United States, I really do find our response to the weather giggle-worthy, but in a way I can only explain as that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’ve come back home.  So go ahead friends up north, across the country, and abroad – shake your heads at our silliness and apparent eagerness to bundle in warm winter clothes.

In our defense, it is so easy to get used to living in San Diego weather.  It really makes no difference whether you grew up here or moved from the coldest place on earth.  And yeah, we kind of get to brag about our excitement over a rainy day!

Beach wreaths artisans-alley-san-diego-2013-holiday-market7

Ah, winter in a beach town 🙂

Thanks for reading, cheers!  To all you artists and crafters out there, all the best to you.  You guys rock!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. Sounds like something that I’d like to do….

    • Yes, it is definitely worth checking out – and you might see some familiar faces walking around as well! 😉

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