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15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 3

Dear readers,

I beg your attention away from whichever Sherlock Holmes story you are currently perusing to bring you Day 3 of our 15 Day countdown!  I know, I’m sorry, the Greek Interpreter is going to have to survive on his own for just a few minutes more.  So what comes after reading Sherlock?  Well let me ask you this…

Baker Street Babes Poster 221B Mine image

Would you 221B Mine?

Day 3 – The Baker Street Babes

Female Sherlockians rejoice!  We have an intelligent, entertaining podcast to listen to and fill your life with more Sherlock Holmes goodness.  Male Sherlockians rejoice!  You have an entertaining podcast to listen to and fill your life with more Sherlock Holmes goodness.

The Baker Street Babes Podcast logo image

You’ve probably deduced that the Baker Street Babes is a group of female Sherlockians who came together to create something new and amazing.  But forget gender!  Though they are giving a voice to younger women in the Sherlockian world, this podcast is for all fans, and these ladies discuss all things Sherlock Holmes from BBC Sherlock to Arthur Conan Doyle, and then some.

Now, considering that yesterday we went back to the original stories, I’ve got a great episode for you to listen to.  This one is a bit different than the usual format, but is a great discussion and examination of the introduction to canon lead by one of the Babes, Lindsay Faye.

BBC Sherlock John Watson hello gif

Easy Watson.

I know, perfection.  You are going love this episode, my friends.  It gets into the characterizations of Holmes and Watson, touching on the little tid-bits of information that are so important to revealing who they are and the world they live in.  Give it a listen and you’ll analytically ponder the day away with suppositions and insights about crime solving, consulting detectives, army doctors, and the like.

Listen here!

And probably tune in the day away, actually, because let’s face it – you’re going to want to listen to another episode straight away after discovering this Sherlock Holmes themed podcast.

The Baker Street Babes have interviewed all kinds of awesome folks in the Sherlock world.  From the women of BBC Sherlock (Laura Pulver, Amanda Abbington, and Louise Brealey are so cool.  Seriously.  So cool.) to authors of published Sherlock Holmes pastiches, to Michael Price of BBC Sherlock soundtrack co-creator status, to so many other inspiring Sherlockians of all ages and backgrounds!  Quick plug: this includes a recent interview on Sherlock: The Game is On!

akemi42:Ladies of Sherlock BBC via reddit.Ladies mah ladies!

Women of Sherlock: Lara Pulver (Irene Adler), Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson), and Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper). Let’s hope the Babes get a chance to chat with Una Stubbs!

One of my favorites I’ve listened to so far is Episode 29, an interview with some wonderful ladies of ASH – or the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes.

The tone of the podcast is informal, which may not be everyone’s cup of (Moriar)tea, but I love it.  Everyone on the podcast is having so much fun, and the interviewees always sound so delighted to be there and are having as good a time as the Babes.  It’s quite impossible not to have fun while listening yourself!

These awesome ladies keep me company on my abysmal commute each day (what will I do when I catch up on all the episodes?), and I am so grateful that they have created this wonderful thing that is strengthening the bonds of fandom.

Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes gif Baker Street Babes image

Accurate Jeremy Brett Holmes gif is accurate. I think we’re done here.

So what are you waiting for, readers?  Check out the Baker Street Babes podcast and Day 3 will be up before you know it!  And if this quotidian world has got you crying, well…won’t you 221B mine?  More to come tomorrow in our 15 Days of Sherlock countdown to Series 3, which will be airing on PBS Masterpiece Mystery on January 19.

“‘Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?’  ‘To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.’  ‘The dog did nothing in the night-time.’  ‘That was the curious incident,’ remarked Sherlock Holmes.'” – Silver Blaze

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Keep Calm and Go to Baker Street poster image


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