Posted by: brookenado | January 10, 2014

15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 5

Dear readers,

Did you watch Sherlock all day yesterday?  Which are your favorites?  Do you have a Sherlock and John are you most fond of?  Yeah, those are unfair questions.  No, you don’t have to pick.

I think we can all agree that each bring something new to the fandom and be overjoyed at the amount of Sherlock Holmes we can indulge in, as well as the fact that they introduce more people to these characters we love.  But now that you’ve spent your day watching Sherlock, is there a version or versions that have inspired you?

Day 5 – Get Creative

A good story inspires, you know, and the Sherlock fandom seems to be inspired quite often and in so many different ways.  Here are a few examples to give you some ideas on how you can take your inspiration and run with it!

Draw Sherlock!  It could be a painted masterpiece…

BBC Sherlock fanart - Virtuoso by `alicexz on deviantART image

Or the Sherlock edition of The Scarlet Letter…

BBC Sherlock fanart - A Study in Scarlet (Letter) image

Partners in crime, indeed

Or an epic doodle to express your feels in unexpected, hilarious ways!

BBC Sherlock "Get Low" Remix fanart image

It doesn’t matter.  It’s all fine.

Write Sherlock!  Write a blog post, write fanfiction, write a research paper – whatever it that is hopping around in your brain begging to be let out.  (Check with your resident army doctor, though.  That might just be a bad case of plot bunnies.)  Personally, I find BBC-verse John’s voice to be a ton of fun to write in, and I also tend to gravitate towards a focus on Molly Hooper’s character.  She’s relatable and intriguing in her own right.

Do the thing with the text.  And Photoshop.

BBC Sherlock and Moriarty with groceries image

Decorate and design Sherlock! Decorate your room, your desk, your office, your environment, your books!  Design t-shirts, jewelry,  knit sweaters, crochet plushies…anything you can think of.

Sherlock Holmes book shadow craft image

Seriously, how cool is that?

You can even create tea blends, make fan videos…there are literally an infinite amount of ways to get creative in the Sherlock fandom.  So spend Day 5 expressing your inspiration and love for all things Sherlock Holmes.  There is absolutely no wrong way to do it, and if you feel like sharing – go for it!  We are inspired by each other as much as by the shows and books.

Coming up sooner than you know it will be Day 6 of our 15 Days of Sherlock!  Stay tuned for more tips for a spoiler free wait until the PBS Master Mystery premier of ‘The Empty Hearse‘ on January 19.

“To a great mind, nothing is little,” remarked Holmes, sententiously. – A Study in Scarlet

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Keep Calm and Write Something poster image


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