Posted by: brookenado | January 11, 2014

15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 7

Dear readers,

How is the viewing party planning going?  Are the Bee Gees on your music list?  You know Moriarty would be disappointed if it wasn’t.  Then again, he’s so changeable…Still, I don’t think any of us fancy being turned into shoes.  So if you are in the middle of making invites and looking into cool crafts and fun drinks, great!  But let’s break for just a minute to discuss the next step, which could very well go towards a Series 3 party or simply be for your Sherlockian benefit.

BBC Sherlock London I am SHERlocked image

We’re all SHERlocked here, and many of us probably have bits and pieces from our room, office, desk, phone, clothes, etc, that reflect that.  But with Series 3 so near to bringing us new material to fuel our love for BBC Sherlock, your house/flat/apartment should be proportionately decorated to your excitement level and appropriately SHERlocked!

Day 7 – 221B-ify

True or False?  We all secretly wish we lived in 221B Baker Street.  (True, definitely true.  Universally so.)

While, sadly, you can’t exactly make that happen, you can find some creative ways to make your living space a little more ‘Holmey’.  So today as you wait for the 19th, 221B-ify your abode and turn it into a space befitting a consulting detective (and ex-army doctor/blogger, of course).  Now where to start?

Wear Sherlock: Zoffany Nureyev Navarre Flock wallpaper Worn by 221b image

The wall had it coming.  Check out Wear Sherlock where lots of research has gone into finding the cool stuff used in the show – like the exact wallpaper!  (The blog’s curator was also interviewed on an episode of the The Baker Street Babes, so you can give it a listen for inspiration as you decorate.) 

Ok, so yeah this Zoffany Nureyev Navarre Flock wallpaper is a tad expensive.  If you have the money to spend and actually furbish your wall with it – great, buy me some as well, please!  More likely this remains a decorating dream, but here is what you can do: Paint, print out, or buy a print or poster of the pattern, frame it, and hang it on your wall.  You can also add the spray painted smiley face to really get that 221B feel.

BBC Sherlock kitchen props image

For science, John!  The kitchen of 221B is almost always littered with remnants of Sherlock’s experiments.  So remember that one chem lab you took three years ago?  Dig around for that pair of goggles, your trusty microscope, find some beakers and graduated cylinders, maybe you have a mortar and pestle lying around, use liquid measuring cups, books – whatever looks scientific – and clutter you counter with it.  Have food coloring?  Fill bottles and jars with water and make them look like intriguing experiments with some drops of food dye, glitter, and maybe one of those plastic fingers or eyes you get at Halloween.

Skull Plush (PDF Pattern) image

So I’m basically filling in for the skull? Billy the skull – a consulting detective flat essential.  Now you’re also going to want to check out Sherlockology, who has got you covered with all things 221B.  Get your plastic medical replica skull friend, or stick with the skull print as seen in the flat.  There are a ton of alternative options such as one of these awesome skull pillows on Etsy, a printable iron-on fabric skull pattern to make your own, or even a skull plush to put on the mantle.  (Or just put up a ‘Mrs. Hudson took my skull’ sign!)

BBC Sherlock 221B Crime in Progress image

You see but don’t obeserve… There are lots of little things you can do to make yourself a cozy consulting detective space.  Have post-it notes?  Use them.  Decorate your fridge – ‘Buy milk.’  ‘You buy it this time.’  Decorate your front door – ‘221B’,  ‘Crime in progress, please disturb’, cover your doorbell with a note telling visitors if they really need to see you, they’ll find a way to get your attention.

Plush BBC Sherlock I O U / I.O.U Apple // Ready To Ship image

Set out some tea cups and saucers, buy a sudokube to occupy your mind and your desk, and put up a map of London or the British Isles.  Get a Union Jack pillow or put up a ‘Beware the Hound’ poster (and if you’re feeling cheeky, place it on flatmate/family member’s door).  Buy or make your own I O U apple decoration as a reminder that every now and then you might be visited by a consulting criminal.

And still there are more touches you can add to 221B-ify your home.  Poke around online for inspiration and decorating will make Day 7 fly by.  Then take a pic of your SHERlocked space to share and help us all make our places as much like Baker Street as possible!  Stay tuned, more 15 Days of Sherlock tips are coming up.

‘I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.’  – A Study in Scarlet

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

BBC Sherlock Keep Calm and Talk to the Skull image


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