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15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 8

Dear readers,

You may have noticed before now that the clothing for the characters of Sherlock is kind of amazing.  And that’s because it is kind of amazing.  The BBC Sherlock costume folks have done as magnificent a job as the props team (how’s that 221B-ifying going?).  In fact, I bet you, like me, can’t wait until that beautiful Belstaff coat appears on our screens for the first time since Reichenbach.  But what can you do until then?

BBC Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch best supporting shirt image

Clearly costumers have done an A+ job when their’s wins Best Supporting Shirt.  (The purple shirt, for obvious reasons.)

Day 8 – Be Sherlock for a Day

Cosplay Sherlock, of course!  What’s so wonderful about the costumes in Sherlock is that not only are they quite fetching and fitting for the feel of the show and each character, but they are what I would call ‘subtle cosplay’.  Meaning you can add a little Sherlock to your wardrobe any day you want as it’s fairly easy to casual cosplay and, to non-Sherlockians, you’re only going to stand out as being incredibly well-dressed.  Not such a bad thing, right?

bbc-sherlock-femlock-cosplay-brookenado image

You surely won’t be overly conspicuous with some Sherlock costume nods, and at the same time you will be recognizable to your fellow Sherlockians.  You might run into another fan who will recognize your consulting detective style, and look at that, make a new friend!

Here’s what you’ll need to effectively don your Sherlock persona for the day: a longish black coat or blazer, your own version of the purple shirt (although Sherlock does wear other shirts in the show, this is the most recognizable), a blue scarf, black jeans or trousers, and some black shoes.  Bonus points if you have a deerstalker or a blue dressing gown!  If you’re doing fem!lock, Sherlock-themed earrings/jewelry are also a nice little touch.

Polyvore BBC Sherlock inspired outfit cosplay image

Polyvore is a great site for cosplay ideas and Sherlock inspired outfits, and there are some awesome blogs you can refer to like The Nerdy Girlie’s Every Day Cosplay Sherlock edition!

Great, you look the part of consulting detective and you’re ready to be Sherlock for a day.  Spend the day ignoring people and/or solving problems in your mind palace.  Be sure to assume the prayer pose – it will sort of act as your ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Watch crap telly.  Yell at the crap telly.  Compose.  Ask your friends for a pen, and repeatedly ask for someone to hand you your phone (especially if it is within reach).  Sulk and lounge on the couch, waving away any of your flatmate’s concerns about that frothing thing in the kitchen.  Drink tea.

Don’t: Leave the house for any mundane reason (especially to replenish the fridge with milk) – there’s no point in leaving the flat for anything less than a 7.  (Going to St Barts is OK.)

BBC Sherlock 221B furniture walk gif

Do: Walk on your furniture like you’re playing the floor is lava.

If you are out and about, keep in mind that you’re most likely solving a case, chasing down some criminal mastermind.  Maybe on a rooftop.  Definitely cheating death.

So there you go, spend Day 8 being Sherlock in your fittingly 221B-fified and very SHERlocked abode.  While you’re at it, can you deduce what tomorrow’s 15 Days of Sherlock update will bring?  Stay tuned – only ONE WEEK to go now until ‘The Empty Hearse‘ premiers on PBS Masterpiece Mystery!

‘My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don’t know.’ – The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

BBC Sherlock Keep Calm and Find Your Mind Palace image


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