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15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 9

Dear readers,

Being Sherlock is great, but being John Watson might be even better.  First of all, let’s be honest.  His jumpers are amazing and you kind of want, oh, every single one of them.  The BBC Sherlock costume department, once again, did a wonderful job creating a modern Watson look.  Secondly, jam – jam, and kittens, and rage to be precise.  And hedgehogs.  What could possibly sound more delightful than that?

BBC Sherlock John Watson Martin Freeman gif

Day 9 – Be John for a Day

Get through Day 9 by cosplaying John Hamish Watson – ex-army doctor, superior blogger, best friend of world’s only consulting detective.  As you know, John’s look is awesome and cozy, which in a large way describes the character himself.  And his clothing creates even more of a ‘subtle cosplay’ than Sherlock’s, which is great for those of us needing a little more John in our every day lives.  (Read: all of us.)

bbc-sherlock-john-watson-fem-cosplay-striped-jumper-brookenado image

Here’s what you’re going to need for your John cosplay: A cool black coat, a jumper/sweater (beige cable knit, striped, Icelandic-pattern Christmas one…did I mention kittens?) or a plaid button up, and brown shoes.  You can always throw in a fake gun or a cane as well.  Or a green parka.  If you’re going for a fem!Watson, keep it simple with jewelry and accessories – something army doctor-ish or classic Sherlock Holmes themed in general.

Once again, Polyvore is a great place to gather BBC John Watson cosplay/outfit ideas, as is this Pinterest board.  Seriously, I think at least one of every BBC Sherlock character inspired outfit is on that board.  It’s amazing.  You could probably spend your entire Day 9 just admiring it.

BBC Sherlock John Watson Cosplay inspired outfit Polyvore by gabby-nicholas image

Alright, you’ve got your cozy John clothes on and now you just need to dig out your Martin Freeman-like expressions.  Unlike being Sherlock for the day, today you get to be way more personable, eat whenever you want (hmm, strawberry or blackberry?), more emotionally expressive, a little bit sassy, and just as frank…except with more tact.  Basically be really, really likable.

Practice your medical skills.  Make tea. Drink tea.  Avoid the fridge until it’s been properly cleaned out.  Write a blog post (check), and definitely write about the unsolved cases – but still frequently praise your best friend’s powers of deduction.

BBC Sherlock John Watson praise fanart image

Don’t: Get kidnapped by either the British Government, the Woman, the Black Lotus, or the Consulting Criminal…though that’s probably going to happen anyway.

Do: Stay out all night solving crimes and fall asleep at work tomorrow.  And change your password.  Frequently.

Giggle at crime scenes and try to keep your friends out of too much trouble – make sure they avoid cab drivers.  Tell people when they’re doing something a bit not good.  Throw the occasional sass-filled look at everything around you, especially the chip and pin machines you will undoubtedly get in a row with at the store.  Just don’t forget to bring home the milk.

There you are, now go and have a lovely day as John Watson.  Oh, almost forgot – at the end of the day break everyone’s hearts into tiny, little pieces (and win all the Baftas).  Have a great Day 9 with your John Watson cosplay!  More 15 Days of Sherlock coming up, check back tomorrow for the next spoiler free Sherlockian activity as you wait for Series 3 to premier on PBS Masterpiece Mystery January 19.

‘I know my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.’ – The Red-Headed League

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

BBC Sherlock Keep Calm and Borrow John's Jumper image


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