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15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 13

Dear readers,

Two more days to go until we get to be shocked, awed, and delighted by ‘The Empty Hearse‘.  Two days, and we still need something to keep us from going mad until then, but what?  Let’s retreat to our mind palace for a moment: The Great Game, A Game of Shadows, playing THE game…Yes, you’re definitely seeing a pattern emerging and surely it points to some sort of common enthusiasm for games- that’s it!  Capitalize on the Sherlockian’s love of a good game.

BBC Sherlock John Watson Martin Freeman Cluedo gif

Ignore John.  Play the game.

Good thing it’s Friday.  Round up your Sherlock support group friends & put on your ear hat; game night is afoot!

Day 13 – This or Cluedo

There are quite a few games that can easily be turned into fun Holmes-esque versions for an awesome game night of Sherlockian shenanigans.  The obvious is Cluedo (or just Clue), and a BBC Sherlock version of Cluedo does exist for us to geek out over.  Excellent.  And maybe you took your 221B-ifing a step further and already have the game (hanging on your mantle by a knife…)!

BBC Sherlock 221B Cluedo Board on the wall image

Remember, you never lose. The rules are wrong.

So yes, Cluedo, definitely.  But you may be saying to yourself, hang on, only so many people can play Clue – how about some other games?  Ever played Apples to Apples?  Spend 20 minutes and make some custom Sherlock and fandom related cards to give the game a new twist.  Add characters, favored adjectives (meretricious, sherlocked, dull), nouns like Reichenbach Falls, cake, gigantic hound, cherry cardigan, jam, triple homicide – just get creative with it!

You can really do this for any similar type of game: Things, Consequences, Telephone-Pictionary (also called Telestrations, Drawception), Mafia/Resistance, and the like.

Azuki BBC Sherlock Cluedo game piece counters DIY instructions image

You can easily make Sherlock pieces for board games!

Is your Sherlock group online?  No problem!  Invite your fellow fans to play some ‘friend-only’ rounds of Drawception online.   You can also try Cards Against Humanity online (think more adult version of Apples to Apples), where you can create your own decks as well.  I played for the first time a little while back with fellow Sherlockians/The Game is On collaborators.  It was hysterical (lots of over-Skype-giggling ensued)!

Of course, you can also go the route of the old ‘name on the forehead‘ game.  There are a couple versions of it you can try, such as the standard 20 questions type.  Another is where each person gets the card put on their forehead as everyone mingles.  Players respond to whoever they’re talking to as if they were in a discussion with that person’s forehead identity.  Each person must continue to mingle until they figure out who they are and begin to respond in kind.  Again, just theme the cards around Sherlock Holmes and it’s a perfect Series 3 viewing party game!

BBC Sherlock playing board games - SYangLau deviantART image

Or you could organize a Sherlock cosplay poker night because, really, a poker game between the Sherlock characters would probably be the most entertaining thing in the world.

Game nights are always a good time and there are a ton of other games out there which can be tweaked to incorporate a Sherlock theme.  So spend your Day 13 with a fun night of awesome Sherlock themed games that you and your Sherlockian buddies will love.  Check back for tomorrow’s 15 Days of Sherlock tip as we survive these next 48 hours spoiler free, until Series 3 premiers on PBS Masterpiece Mystery!  (Yes, begin the by-hour countdown!)

“Let me run over the principal steps. We approached the case, you remember, with an absolutely blank mind, which is always an advantage. We had formed no theories. We were simply there to observe and to draw inferences from our observations.” – The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Sherlock Holmes Keep Calm the Game is Afoot image


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