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The Empty Hearse (One Fan’s Top 5 Take Aways)

Dear readers,

If you haven’t seen The Empty Hearse, let me warn you that there will be spoilers lurking ahead.  For those of you that have watched the episode, cyber high-five for how amazing it was! Alright, let’s get right down to it.  To begin, go check out Tillie Elvrum’s Top 5 Moments on The Nerdy Girlie – it’s fun, hilarious, and I completely agree with all five on the list!  More importantly, it got my butt into gear to do a little post of my own…

So here we go, one fan’s (sometimes silly) deductions from The Empty Hearse:


1. Anderson ships Sherlolly.  (Headcanon = Lestrade finds it plausible – it wasn’t until the hypnotist came in that he found it ridiculous.)  A.K.A. Oh my god THE KISS.

Pinterest The Empty Hearse -- ANDERSON SHIPS SHERLOLLY image

Anderson.  He’s been the butt of many a joke in his small part in the series.  So to have him do a complete 180 in his view about Sherlock Holmes was unexpected and used to great humorous affect.  My only question is, do we still get to poke fun at him now that he’s pretty much become the representation of us – the fandom?  Of course!  If we can’t laugh at ourselves from time to time, where’s the fun in life?  Mark Gatiss penned this episode, and I’m going to say that he definitely had fun sprinkling in the fan service throughout.

BBC Sherlock Mark Gatiss tumblr 221b-benedict-cumberbatch:accurate image


2. Mary Morstan, FTW.

BBC Sherlock The Empty Hearse John Mary screencap image

Just look at this pic from the episode – synchronized posture and all.  Note the badassery of this couple.  Mary comes into the episode and right off the bat you know she’s cool.  ‘I agree.  I’m the best thing that could have happened to you.’  And just like that, you know it’s absolutely true.  Amanda Abbington’s delivery was perfect throughout the episode, and I love how she and the writers have adapted her character thus far.

*Side note: I wonder if this also describes their parenting style?  Like, ‘Oh.  Oh no.  Mum and dad are doing the double arm cross stare-down now.  Not.  Good.’

3. Never expect an explosion when it’s expected.

BBC Sherlock The Empty Hearse John Watson gif

Always look for the off switch.

Remember when the fandom waited after The Great Game, and extrapolated theory after theory about the pool explosion and how Sherlock and John would survive the blast?  Yeah.  Remember when at the beginning of Series 2 the situation gets resolved by Moriarty taking a business call?  Mmm-hmm.  All I’m getting at is that we should probably always expect a jaw-dropping (because it’s so simple and/or unexpected) anticlimactic when the explosion is expected.

*Pointer: Have you tried turning it off?

4. Sherlock is still a smart-ass.  Mycroft is a smarter-ass.

BBC Sherlock The Empty Hearse Mycroft Holmes brothers image

‘I AM the smart one.’  Ok, I hands down loved how they included more focus on the brothers.  Mycroft and Sherlock reuniting (Mycroft willingly going out to do the legwork to bring his brother home).  The boys playing OPERATION, of all things.  And then playing a game of deduction.  Nice way to address that bit of canon – that Mycroft is the smarter of the two, throw in some humor, but also to give us more clues about their relationship and respective development.

*Here’s what it gets down to: Siblings can be complicated, but they are always secretly pleased to see you.  Also, Mark Gatiss just really makes a fantastic Mycroft.

5. Ambiguity at its finest.

BBC Sherlock Anderson The Empty Hearse gif

Anderson is tumblr

We got three different Reichenbach theories throughout the episode.  The last one Sherlock describes himself.  To Anderson.  While in front of a camera recording his every word.  Hmmm, let’s review: ‘It’s a trick.  It’s just a magic trick.’  Does a magician reveal their secrets?  Never.  Which is why the scene goes on to have Anderson say he’s disappointed, point out possible ways it could go wrong, and most importantly to question why Sherlock is even telling him, of all people, how he did it.  Sure, like everyone else I really would like to know exactly how Sherlock, Molly, Mycroft, and 25 of the homeless network pulled it off…but I’m actually glad they left it so ambiguous.

It was a brilliant way to give us a perfectly reasonable suggestion, and then plant that seed of doubt in our minds saying, ‘you can believe this if you’d like, or you can believe it was entirely different – it’s completely up to you’.  And so the intrigue surrounding The Fall remains, as does some of the superhuman mythos surrounding Sherlock.

Bonus episode deduction because it’s 180% true.

The final take away: It was a fantastic episode which I enjoyed immensely, and I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s The Sign of Three!  What were your take aways and favorite bits?

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



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  2. […] The Empty Hearse (One Fan’s Top 5 Take Aways) […]

  3. I totally ship Sherlolly!
    And 4= BEST!!!!

    • Yay Sherlolly! ^^ *high five* (I try not to let my shipping goggles influence my views of the episodes too much, but man they gave us so many moments this season showing how significant of a relationship they have. Whatever it is or wherever it may or may not be going, I can’t help but love them.)

      So glad you like the Mycroft-Sherlock stuff, too! They play off each other so well, don’t they? XD

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