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The Significance of The Sign of Three, Because (one fan’s) Reasons

Dear readers,

No, I haven’t forgotten about last week’s Sherlock episode, The Sign of Three – how could I?  It was a brilliant episode.  Why?  Reasons.  And with the last episode of Series 3 upon us, let’s jump right into them!  If you haven’t seen it yet beware, spoilers ahead!  (And go, please go watch it immediately.)

Alright, so it could be argued that not a whole lot happened in The Sign of Three mystery-solving, deduction plot-wise.  That could be true.  But what we did get was character development and amazing insight into Sherlock’s world…

BBC Sherlock The Sign of Three post it note game drunklock image

I am, of course, referring to drunklock.

Sure, the writers could have done something smaller for the wedding and thrown Sherlock and John into a more intricate, drawn out case, and I’ve seen the argument that with only three episodes per series this should have been done.  But here I would have to disagree.  With only three episodes a season it’s crucial to see this kind of development, especially after the hiatus/The Fall when new dynamics are being formed that will have a great affect on where the characters and story go from here.  And what is necessary is never unwise…

With that said, here were some of this fan’s favorite significant moments:


Lestrade and Sherlock, brotp.

BBC Sherlock The Sign of Three Lestrade Rupert Graves sirens gif

In the span of about a minute and thirty seconds, we see just how loyal Greg Lestrade is to Sherlock.  Obviously we know they’re friends, but we see how deep of a relationship it is (and how much of a pain in the arse it can be) as the DI rushes to Sherlock’s aid – we continue to see how the characters have developed through the time skips and know how they will likely react in a given situation in the future.

*Cue the helicopters, sirens, and grinning facepalms. …and more Rupert Graves love.

Mary Morstan, mastermind.

BBC Sherlock John Mary The Sign of Three thumbs up gif

Note: Click through for awesome post + ALL the gifs.

Head writer of this episode, Steve Thompson did a wonderful job giving us an idea of how Sherlock has accepted Mary into his life, seamlessly weaving her into the 221B dynamic.  And again, Amanda Abbington was spot on in bringing the character to life.  In The Sign of Three we see Sherlock go total guard dog mode for her (just a sociopath with your number!) and that was a fantastic way to show us how Sherlock’s small group of people he cares about has definitely expanded to include Mary.  I’m not sure we would have had such a natural transition from Sherlock and John to Sherlock-John-Mary if the episode had been focused solely on some sleek sleuthing.

*Cue Mary knowing exactly what’s going on with Sherlock and playing the boys like a fiddle violin.  And Sherlock, she’s not John – she can tell when you’re fibbing.

Molly Hooper, can I just, can we just…YES.

Sherlock The Sign of Three Molly Hooper 'Sit Down' gif

Perfect expressions all around.

She’s become a regular mainstay in our favourite moments of every episode, but the subtlety and realism that Louise Brealey’s brilliant portrayal brings makes Molly an unforgettable character in a sea of memorable ones.  Exactly.  Though Molly usually has few scenes in any given episode, I always feel that they are very significant scenes.  She is the first and apparently only person to be concerned about Sherlock giving the best man speech – she knows him – and so goes about devising a way to help him through it.  You know, before Sherlock even texts Lestrade about his own concern.

The Sign of Three Sherlock Molly Morgue image

Drinking? Or science! (Except they forgot to factor in the John Watson element)

Not only was it nice to see that interaction between Sherlock and Molly in the morgue, but we got to see Molly interacting with some of the other characters (Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Tom) and see the underlying relationships she has with them as well.  Further awesomeness was witness during the wedding.  The fork stab, the fact that she was the first to stand up when Sherlock proposes the toast, and Molly being the only one we are shown taking notice of Sherlock leaving early – it all screams of significance to me and I have loved watching their dynamic grow and solidify throughout Series 3 so far.

*Cue all of the feels.  And all the wants for that yellow dress.

Sherlock and John, always.

First of all, the case itself reminded us of John’s military background and gave us some insight into this John’s past with the introduction of Major Sholto.  But obviously the main significance of the episode is centered around Sherlock.  And it was fun to see him take something so out of his element and make it his own.  What it gets down to is that moment where he shakes off Mycroft in his mind palace and points to John.

Sherlock The Sign of Three - It's always you John Watson image

‘It’s always you, John Watson.  You keep me right.’

Things won’t change between John and Sherlock, they will still be best friends and as much as Sherlock makes his vows to always be there for John and Mary, he knows John will always be there to steer him right.  With all of the ‘end of an era’ warnings leading up to it, it was a great moment.

*Cue the Vatican Cameos, crime solving drama queens, and if I try to hug him stop me’s.

And verything else in this episode…

From the wedding planning (swan or Sydney Opera House), to the stag night, to the speech itself, it felt very Sherlock.  Thompson did a fantastic job with the humor in this episode, and the filming was stunning – as usual.  I loved how they decided to show us the online chatroom in Sherlock’s mind, very creative.  And the allusions to the other hilarious cases was not only an amazing montage, but was a total Arthur Conan Doyle move (give us moooore).

I could go on (Mycroft exercising, spotting a Dean Thomas, etc etc), but let’s just say I thought The Sign of Three was fantastic!  And again, I’m very much looking forward to His Last Vow tonight (but so sad it will be the end of Series 3!), how about you?

Thanks for reading, cheers – leave a comment on your thoughts about last week’s episode!  Until then…

Mischief managed


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