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His Last Vow (The awesome, the creepy, & the heartbreaking)

Dear readers,

Series 3 of Sherlock is over, but what a note it ended on.  Before we get to that note, there were some things that happened – awesome things, creepy things, heartbreaking things.  So a quick warning if you haven’t yet watched His Last Vow – here be dragons spoilers!

But yeah.  No new Sherlock episode tonight.  Let me explain:

The Incredibles We Survived but we're Dead image

We made it to Series 3, now the wait begins for Series 4.  ‘We survived but we’re dead!’


Awesome things – The mind palace rescue

I’m not gonna lie, I majorly fangirled (am still majorly fangirling) over this!  It’s usually impossible for me to pick out a favorite moment, but this was hands down my favorite part of His Last Vow.  It was epic on so many levels.  The filming, acting, and creative imagining of giving a visual to the abstract nature of the mind palace was fantastic.  And the significance of that entire scene was so impressive!  I mean, did Sherlock not have an awesome team inside his mind palace saving his butt?  I loved that Molly, Mycroft, and Anderson appeared to him, it was really lovely.

Then we see Moriarty as Sherlock does in his mind palace and wow – Andrew Scott is an incredible actor, no doubt.  And I could write another entire section about Molly Hooper (um, calling him out at Bart’s? Completely awesome), but I’ll just say that Molly is the one Sherlock has in his mind, walking him through not dying, and isn’t that quite interesting?

Creepy things – Milverton Magnussen

BBC Sherlock His Last Vow Series 3 Charles Augustus Magnussen image

John looks so done.

Charles Augustus Magnussen.  Cue cringing noises, faces, and some choice vocabulary.  He’s a total creeper and more, and I think we should take a moment to appreciate just how well Lars Mikkelsen brought this character to life.  And, you know, make us dislike him.  There are villains you love to hate – like James Moriarty.  Milverton/Magnussen is not one of those villains.  He’s the kind that raises the hair on the back of your neck in discomfort, that you want to punch in the face but actually, no, you don’t want to touch that guy with a ten foot pole.  And Mikkelsen brought a wonderful performance to the show.

Heartbreaking things – There’s an east wind coming

BBC Sherlock Series 3 His Last Vow John Watson angry gif

So Martin Freeman broke our hearts again with his crushed/rage acting.  Poor John, but he’s a smart man and eventually came around as we knew he would.  Mycroft broke our hearts by voicing love for his brother in a completely not his division sort of way. Sherlock broke our hearts as he was driven to little choice but to destroy a terrible man and probably a part of himself.  (That is, if Magnussen’s really dead – question ALL the deaths.)  Exile, goodbyes – all heartbreaking even if it did only last four minutes.

I liked the episode.  It was a great episode, though arguably the darkest yet and a part of me wishes that they had saved this episode for Series 4.  As His Last Vow came to a head with Magnussen’s death and Sherlock’s goodbyes to John and Mary, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of whiplash.  From our point of view Sherlock had just come back to London and his old life, and the dynamic between him and John had just gotten back to the duo’s unstoppable groove so…yeah, I kind of wish we had one episode that was just a regular ‘take the case, solve the case, run around London’.

BBC Sherlock 221B Cast Photo Series 3 image

I want more of this. Give me this please.

I’d have liked an episode that alluded to and would be connected with Magnussen directly, but that gave us the chance to enjoy Sherlock, John, and the rest of the gang (with more Lestrade – we need more Lestrade) as they’ve progressed to this point in their characters.  Still, I understand that with only three episodes and it being the last, they wanted to leave us with something major and in true Steven Moffat style, a big ol’ cliff hanger.

But that final note!  OH, no they didn’t!  But they did.

BBC Sherlock Series 3 His Last Vow Moriarty Miss Me gif

Did you miss Moriarty?

It was the perfect way to end the episode, letting us end the series on a different note than utter despair as Sherlock boards a plan for a death mission.  I can’t say I’m convinced that it really, actually is Moriarty.  My initial thoughts lie somewhere along the lines of a different baddie using the guise of our favorite consulting criminal to evoke fear and chaos – maybe Moran if it is directly connected with Moriarty.  But I will look forward to the fandom’s speculation as we eagerly await Series 4 (tumblr, here I come).  So what do you think? #MoriartyLives?

As always, thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Bonus: Christmas with the Holmes (because this is a holiday special that needs to happen)


  1. I’m greatly looking forward to season 4! It’s such good news that we won’t have to wait two years for it 😀

    • It really, really is! 🙂

  2. Yeah.
    I missed him.
    I MISSED HIM SO MUCH! I would be curious if the man on the roof was indeed an actor…but Moriarty’s hire. Or, twin, or actor-to-look-alike.

    IDK grasping at straws huh?
    Only two more years to find out…cause you know…that’s awesome.

  3. PS: I’ll be tagging you in an upcoming blog post. just a head’s up!

    • Sweet, thanks Joie! 😀

      As to your Moriarty theory, I have to admit that I thought the exact same thing the first time I watched Reichenbach. At the time I honestly didn’t think Moriarty would be gone so quickly, now I’m not so sure (*shrug*) it’s him but I like the way they’ve brought him ‘back’. Yeah, Andrew Scott’s Moriarty has definitely grown on me, too!

      Gah, whatever happens I know it’s going to be crazy, interesting, and awesome – and hopefully comes sooner than two years…!

  4. Sorry! I saw you followed my WordPress account (I was trying out WordPress…and didn’t sign out…**shame**)
    But I’me at:

    • No worries – I wondered because I was sure you had posted more stuff! Thought maybe my computer was being weird (as it is sometimes want to be). Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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