Posted by: brookenado | March 26, 2014

‘Slightly Obscure’ Group Cosplays, You Say?

Dear readers,

By slightly obscure, I mean ‘might not be immediately recognizable but wouldn’t they be fun to pull off all the same for fans who did?‘  I know I’ve said it before, but I am fairly new to the cosplay scene.  But that certainly hasn’t stopped the cosplay versions of a writer’s plot bunnies from running around my brain!

Cat and Dog Loki and Thor Cosplay

“Lokitty of Catard.” Cosplay sucess.

I haven’t been part of a group cosplay yet, but I’d love to do so in the future.  I always have the biggest grin when I see a great group cosplay doing a kickass, appropriately themed pose.  Seriously, people are awesome.  And while I have larger fandom group/individual cosplays I’d like to do, I thought I’d share some less obvious ones I think would be a blast to take on…


It wasn’t long after I saw Inception that the thought of cosplaying as a ‘dream team’ starting bouncing around my head.  What makes this one difficult is that unless each member of the group wears a sign or name tag saying ‘architect’, ‘point man’, ‘Mr. Charles’, etc., it’s likely the group won’t be immediately recognized for what it is (but noted for being very snappily dressed).  So then it’s all about the ‘play’ part of ‘cosplay’ to really pull this one off – and here’s where I imagine it would get really fun!

Inception Dream Within a Dream Team

I mean…Right?

So you’d have your sleeper device, everyone should have a totem (and have someone who’s really decent at spinning a top), and most importantly – you get to act like your environment is the dream world.  Pretend to sleep (minus the chemist and/or point man, of course), continually pick a ‘target’ and hop to extracting their secrets or planting an idea as a team, attempt your own gravity fight, maybe play some of the ‘oh no, here comes the kick’ music – you can really get creative!

All I know is that it would be awesome.  And maybe it’s just me, but I would love to do the dream team thang.

Bob’s Burgers

If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers, you need to.  I was introduced to it last summer and it has become one of my favorite new shows.  It is becoming more widely known, but it remains on the ‘slightly obscure’ list because unless you’re Louise (or Gene in the burger suit, now that I think about it) you’re probably not going to be immediately recognizable on your own.  So boom, another group cosplay that would be a blast.

Bob's Burgers The Belcher Family

The basis for a downright hilarious group cosplay

The Belchers are your average family taking life one mishap at a time.  There’s the nonchalantly hilarious and boy crazy Tina, house music lover and go with the flow Gene, and not afraid to shake things up/maybe a tad prone to violent thoughts Louise.  So yeah, shenanigans abound.  Bob and Linda certainly have their crazy moments as well, but they roll with the punches like any seasoned parent and human being knows how to do.  Plus, if you have a bigger group you can bring in the equally quirky larger cast of characters.  The more the merrier, right?

Cabin Pressure

Ah, Cabin Pressure.  If you are at all a fan of British humor or Benedict Cumberbatch (or really any of the equally talented actors), you need to give Cabin Pressure a listen.  (What’s Cabin Pressure?  Familiarize yourself a bit more with the premise and the radio drama’s hilarity in a previous post from my 15 Days of Sherlock series.)  Pilots, steward with handmade hat, CEO of My Jet Now, (air dots, polar bears, lemons, yellow cars…) what’s not to love?

Cabin Pressure by the-improbable-ive on deviantART

Best. Crew. Ever.

As a British radio comedy, a Cabin Pressure group cosplay might be the most ‘slightly obscure’ one on my list – at least here in the States where it’s less likely to be recognized.  Regardless, get three friends, make some MJN Air uniforms, and basically be either cool and always ready with a quip, generally nervous but proud pilot captain, a big lovable goofball, or the boss all day.  Oh, and toss apples.  And play ridiculous yet clever games.  And, please, try your best not to go bust.  I can only imagine that this group cosplay would make for an undoubtedly brilliant time!

So there you have it.  My top three slightly obscure group cosplays on my nerdy to-do list someday.  I’ve stumbled across photos of only one group cosplay of all three, each amazing (and obviously needing to be cosplayed more!).  What do you think: Agree?  Disagree?  Crazy but might just work?    Do you have any slightly obscure cosplays – group or otherwise – you’re dying to do?

As always, thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. I’ve never done a singular cosplay, but I agree a group cosplay would be really fun! I think I would feel safer/more comfortable, too.

    • Agreed! I’ve only done a couple individual ones (rather casually), but they were at events with other cosplayers from the same fandom which definitely helped me feel more comfortable as a first timer. It ended up being a lot of fun, hence wanting to do more :). Do you think you’d like to cosplay at some point?

  2. I really want to do an awesome group cosplay. There’s this group of people doing genderbent X-Men for C2E2 and I am ridiculously jealous. I want to do genderbent X-Men!

    My Enchantress costume for C2E2 this year is going to be pretty obscure. I seriously doubt anyone is going to know who I am, since Justice League Dark is not really well known and she only appeared in a story line! Sometimes I sit there working on this project and wonder why I am spending so much time on something no one will recognize–and then I tell myself it’s because I want to be Enchantress!

    • Ok, so I had to look up Enchantress and that is going to be one badass costume! And definitely – even if not too many people recognize the character they’re bound to admire the awesomeness of the cosplay. I’d love to see a post on it when it’s all complete! Gender bent X-Men sounds like an amazing group idea and now I’m jealous, too… 😀

  3. Ok Cabin Pressure is on my to watch list..where can i find it? lol

    • Ahhh, yes you need to listen to it – it is hilarious! I know you can get it on iTunes/Amazon, but I can also see about sending you a link when I get on my computer and can find it!

  4. That Inception one would rock. Anyone who’d seen the movie would think you were hella cool.

    • I’m so glad you agree! One day…it’ll happen 🙂

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