Posted by: brookenado | May 17, 2014

The Adventure is Afoot as: A Mix Tape!

Dear readers,

I’m jumping on board with the “my blog as a mix tape” post, thanks to a fantastic idea over at Confessions of a Book Pimp.  The challenge?  What would your blog sound like if it was a Mix Tape? Five songs on side A, and Five on B?  Well, challenge accepted!  So prepare yourself, The Adventure is Afoot is about to get it’s groove on…

My Blog as a Mix Tape image


Side A

1. Circle of Life, Carmen TwillieNaaaaaaants ingonyama…!  I challenge you to find a better opening than that.  (Impossible.)  Seeing as the first thing you see when you get to my blog is the header with Simba, Timon, and Pumba (that’s been there since I started this blog two and half years ago  and yeah, I should probably personalize that more at this point), I figured this would be the best song to start out with.  Welcome to the blog!

2. Giving Up the Gun, Vampire Weekend – I see you shine in your way; go on, go on, go on.  Nothing more really needs to be said than that.  Plus, if there was a music video that went to this blog, it would probably be something like this one.

3. Superman, Goldfinger – Just taking things one blog post at a time, right?  (And if this song sounds vaguely familiar – ever play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?)

4. Upside Down, Jack Johnson – Curiosity drives me; it inspires me to share my experiences and connect with/learn from others.  I want to get to know the world, I get excited to try new things, to travel, to explore my interests (nerdy and otherwise), meet new people, etc etc and I’m sure this blog reflects that in some way, shape, or form.  And you know what Jack Johnson says: there’s no stopping curiosity.

5. Anywhere Is, Enya – It’s all about the journey, right?  To me, this is a great travel song.  I listen to Enya to remind me of home when I’m away, and the excitement of life wherever I am.

Side B

1. Discombobulate, Hans ZimmerThe game is afoot, Watson!  I know, I couldn’t not include a Sherlock Holmes reference, and Hans Zimmer scored this perfectly for the films.  *Note: Micheal Price/David Arnold’s collaborative work on the BBC show is equally as brilliant and interchangeable here.

2. One Thing, One Direction – Am I a die hard 1Der?  No.  But do I think they’ve got some damn catchy, great to sing at the top of your lungs, pick-me-up-when-I’m-down songs?  Yes, yes I do.  This is one of my jams when I get up to some serious baking shenanigans, twisting and turning haphazardly in the kitchen armed with flour and eggs, and that is why it belongs on this blog mix.  So come on, come in to my life!

3. Troublemaker, Weezer – Mischief managed, ’nuff said.

4. The Adventure, Angels & Airwaves – Here we go, life’s waiting to begin.  The Adventure is Afoot probably gives off at least a bit of the idealistic tones the voice in my head tends toward (except maybe on weekday mornings where things are a bit more doom & gloom up there), and those first two verses say it all.

5. Blue (Da Ba Dee), Eiffel 65Awww yeah, 1999.  I’m not going to lie to you, I thought of this one because my blog is literally the color blue.  Hey, we all have some superficial sides, things we need in life to simply dance to for no reason at all.  (And yes, Iron Man 3 is completely responsible for reminding me of the amazingness of this song –  good quality sound-wise.)

There you have it, from my blog to you (with love).  All right then, so…

Jake the dog listening to music gif


Toy Story 3 Buzz and Jessie awkward dance gif

Err, what was that…?/No comment.

Best mix tape using YouTube videos ever?

You tell me!

Thanks to Joie for the blog post idea, this was a ton of fun to put together (but difficult to narrow down!).  Hope you all enjoyed the variety and if you’re inspired to do your own blog mix tape, be sure to share a link below!  As ever, thanks for reading listening, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. Not gonna lie, The Hunny’s ring tone is that 1D song! LOL They are some fun and catchy songs!!

    • Haha, that is the best (and totally a Brooke-approved ring tone)! XD They really are, though!

  2. DUDE! HOW did I forget Superman?!
    “…growing older all the time–looking older all the time–but feeling younger in my mind!”
    That is one of my JAMS dude!!! Love your list Brooke!

    • ‘So here I am, doing everything I can. Holding on to what I am!…’ Such a good one – and I almost didn’t think of it until hearing the other song of theirs I have and the lightbulb went off. Anyway, glad you liked list! 🙂

  3. Great collection of songs on your mix tape! I definitely want to do this but it will be very hard to narrow down!

    • Thanks and I hear you! It was so difficult to narrow down – too many good songs out there (not that I’m really complaining 😉 ). Your blog is great, btw, and I hope you decide to do a mix tape for it, too!

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