Posted by: brookenado | July 31, 2014

SDCC Shindigs – Let the Geek Times Roll

Dear readers,

We interrupt this travel post procrastination to bring you highlights from SDCC 2014!  To non-con goers, that’s the glorious pop-culture bash that happens every July…San Diego Comic-Con!  While technically the event begins Wednesday afternoon with ‘Preview Night’, my Comic-Con officially began on Thursday with a meetup and a Nerd HQ shindig.

Now just as last year, I was one of the many poor, unfortunate souls who watched the blue circle spin as badges for this year sold out.

However, also like last year (The Con is Afoot series), living nearby meant I had ample opportunity to jump into the festivities downtown – events commonly dubbed as ‘outside Comic-Con’.

SDCC Day 1?  Female Geek Bloggers & Nerd HQ!

You’ve probably seen me mention a blogging group I’m a part of once or twice called Female Geek Bloggers (guess what we blog about?).  Naturally, SDCC was the perfect chance to throw together a meetup and finally chat in person with those that could make it out here this weekend.

Megan of The Nerdy Girlie took the reigns and found us a place to mingle downtown for a little while before the true craziness of the weekend began (you know…Hall H , lines/panels, new friends, total and utter exhaustion, deciding which art print, merchandise, and totally unexpected but awesome thing you found to buy, gaming, cosplays, parties, celebrities…the standard specs).

Female Geek Bloggers Google Plus Group Meetup Event

Interested in joining the group? Great!  Follow the pic’s link to our Google+ community & get started!

Coming straight from work was both good and bad.  I had something to look forward to all day, but then parking downtown was a little, tiny bit of a problem.  What it boils down to is don’t park downtown unless you were lucky and snagged a parking pass, or you have nothing to do with SDCC and thus can park much farther from the convention center and not pay higher rates.  Thank goodness for mall parking lots I suppose.  With a few hours of free parking, that worked out fine for the night.

It was such a pleasure meeting up with the fantastic ladies of this group.  From cosplayers to gamers, writers, crafters, collectors, and so much more, I am constantly inspired by them and the collective enthusiasm and support of our group!

[Awesome group photo pending, please wait.]

As we exchanged cards and twitter handles and many were off to get in one final good night of sleep until Sunday, this geek was ready to get her groove on.  A small group of us made our way to Petco Park where Zachary Levi (of Chuck and Tangled fame) and The Nerd Machine team had once again set up the amazingness that is Nerd HQ.  The perfect place to hang during down time at the con, Nerd HQ has food, chairs, couches, and best of all opportunities for anyone – SDCC badge or not – to contribute to a great cause through panels and photo shoots featuring many popular SDCC guests in attendance!

Oh wait, and did I mention an awesome nerd dance party?  That’s right, we were off to dance the night away and celebrate the arrival of Comic-Con.  Zachary Levi made an appearance, per usual, and danced for a while with everyone on the dance floor.  I hear you never know who else might show up throughout the night to join in, but I left in high spirits just having seen Zach and enjoying the atmosphere.

Some fans were in costumes and nerdtastic t-shirts were out in full force (high-fives definitely exchanged with fellow fans repping your fandom).  Oh, and speak of the Force, a few lightsabers were waved in the air like they just didn’t care (but thankfully no arms were lost).  Honestly, the best part was that there was zero pretense; everyone there was just out to have a good time, which I certainly did!

Hang tight readers, more 2014 Comic-Con goodness heading your way, perhaps with a Sherlockian twist or two.  Thanks for reading, cheers, and if you went to SDCC this year I’d love to hear from you about your experience!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. You are the best! I ALWAYS love reading your work! You have an amazing talent! I am so happy to call you friend!! xo

    • Megan, you should know that you made my day today! Thanks for all the love and kind words, I’m so lucky to call YOU a friend! ❤

  2. […] From the giant Homer Simpson head to ziplines, obstacle courses, Terminus, Vikings, and everything in between, there were some pretty neat setups around the con this year.  (And of course there was NerdHQ!) […]

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