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A Study in SDCC – SherlockeDCC (Come at once if convenient…)

Dear readers,

Picking up where I left off, SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) had begun and Thursday evening was a fun start to my geek-filled weekend with a meetup and a party.  A good night sleep was in order as Friday night would bring another outside Comic-Con event, one I had been looking forward to for months!

The game (or party), dear readers, was finally on…

SDCC Day 2?  SherlockeDCC Party!

Last year I was lucky enough to go to the first ever SherlockeDCC party which was a blast.  This year the Sherlockian bash promised to be even bigger and better with a new location and a whole lot of swag! (Thus it was completely necessary to take off work on Friday and prepare myself.  Absolutely, completely.)  And indeed, hosted once again by the Baker Street Babes, The Nerdy Girlie, Sherlock DC, Cara McGee, Being Geek Chic, and a wonderful group of volunteers and sponsors to pitch in, SherlockeDCC 2014 was incredible.

Admittedly I fully intended on arriving downtown earlier on Friday to check out the geeky goings-on.  Naturally, I did almost nothing until it was time to get myself ready for the party.  I had been debating all week whether or not to casual cosplay, but I finally decided that I would because hey, when else does the opportunity roll around to do so in a room full of people who will appreciate it?

That’s right, one (closet cosplay – hooray, existing wardrobe –) femWatson at your service!

Army doctor, jumper, and hedgehog-ed up, it was off to the top floor of the new San Diego Public Library (and that’s not doing justice to how VIP it felt, swanky elevator and all).  I arrived about an hour early to help with any last-minute setting up, but let’s be honest, the place had already been pretty Sherlocked by the awesome team of hosts/volunteers by the time I arrived.  Still, with only a few minor tasks left to complete I jumped in to fill swag bags and shift a few things here or there.

The library was the perfect venue; there was a patio with a bar (serving Sherlock themed drinks, obviously) and live music from the brilliant duo, Gemini, and inside there were various booths and activities, not to mention a projector screen showing the episodes of Series 3 throughout the night.  As the 500 (yes, 500!) attendees got their badge and made their way up, the space quickly filled with lots of excitement and smiling faces.

Ok sure, I’m about to assume a lot here, but I’m fairly confident I speak for all 500 (but seriously, 500?!) when I say that the party was a huge success, and truly a highlight of Comic-Con weekend.

I had the pleasure of catching up with friends, making some new ones, and the always exciting feeling of meeting fellow Sherlockians.  That’s the perk of a fandom party after all – instant friendship with anyone and everyone you talk to.  (It’s like a cheat code, but better.)  Ok, Hedgehog Watson may have helped, too…a little.  I loved seeing all of the other Sherlock cosplays and fan gear, and of course some cosplay photos were taken and the photo booth taken advantage of.

My only regret?  I wished I had found more time to mingle and catch up with everyone.  BIG thanks to our wonderful organizers and shout out to everyone who came and made it such a fun evening.  If you’re looking for more info on these awesome ladies, sponsors, or amazing artists and swag contributors, check out the BSB SherlockeDCC event page.  I can’t wait for next year’s SherlockeDCC party!

Were you there, basking in the Sherlockian glory as well?  Come say hi!  Weren’t there but wish you could have been?  We wished you were too!  Come say hi anyway and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we’ll see you next year.  Thanks for reading, cheers – yet more SDCC recaps and photos coming soon!  Until then…

Mischief managed

SherlockeDCC 2014 view San Diego sunset

Did I mention the view? 

Job truly well and done SherlockeDCC team, ear-hats off to you guys.



  1. Wow, that looks like a ton of fun. I REALLY want to go to SDCC next year!

    • Thanks, yeah it was a blast – hope you’re able to make it out next year too!

  2. That view is amazing! And 500 people?! Insane!

    • I know, right? So many Sherlockians in one place! It was awesome. 🙂

  3. I totally took a picture of your adorable hedgehog-ness. I loved it!

    • Thanks, I remember you actually! Next time we’ll definitely have to chat more. 🙂 Oh, and I love the photos you’ve been posting from the Con on your blog!

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