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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim (That time I was a Jedi)

Dear readers,

A long time ago (a month) in a galaxy far, far away (Anaheim, California – just across the street from Disneyland), fans gathered to show their love for this thing we call…

Star Wars logo

*Cue Star Wars Theme*

2015 marked the 10th official Star Wars Celebration, though it was the first of the kind I’d been to.  With the recent Disney handover breathing life back into the saga, I’ve gotta admit – it’s a good time to be a fan.  New films, new show, new video games…I mean, have you seen the newest trailer for the next Star Wars movie, which debuted on the first day of the Celebration?  Plus, for me, Celebration Anaheim presented the perfect opportunity to fulfill a since-becoming-a-Star-Wars-fan-long dream of mine:

brookenado Jedi cosplay - blue kotor style robesJedi Knight status.  May the Force be with you, readers.

Alright, sure, I still need a lightsaber or two.  And although it may not be quite up to par with the super intense Force-wielding costumes yet, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Why blue, why no traditional outer tunic/obi/tabbards?  The robe design I went for is based off of the Knights of the Old Republic style blue Jedi Knight robes, of which there is shockingly little representation of in the Star Wars fanverse.

Cosplay sidebar:

But seriously, I image searched the KotOR Jedi robe designs thinking there would definitely be some posts out there with tutorials and patterns for the design, but only two (two!) cosplays popped up for anything that wasn’t the Darth Revan-specific robe (sidebar to the sidebar: I could totally get on board with a pre-Star Forge Revan & Malak cosplay).  So I took the general advice of the creative person who did have some comments on her robes, and created mine based off of a lady’s tunic/shirt pattern.

With the help of my mom who is so patiently teaching me the ways of the sewing machine, we adjusted the pattern based off of images from the game, and added a shinier (technical term?) fabric on top for the shoulders and sleeves.

The belt came from L’atelier d’Akinra, who has a selection of awesome leather pieces for costuming, including Jedi-style belts that can be customized.  Not only was he very accommodating on the color and timeliness of creating/delivering, but his work is, in a word, fantastic.  Now the overall costume color scheme was tweaked for the sole reason that I already had brown boots in my wardrobe and not black ones.  Costuming on a budget requires resourcefulness, people.  End sidebar.

That’s great, but what exactly happens at a Star Wars Celebration?  Well, throughout the weekend panels featuring actors, Industrial Light & Magic wizards, film directors, and more brought discussion and news on all things Star Wars to the fans – including updates for the Force Awakens and the premiere of the second season of Star Wars Rebels.  In addition, there were events each day such as the cosplay contest, meet and greets, and a full saga marathon on the big screen.

Essentially, Star Wars revelry ensued!

And unfortunately I missed most of it. When it comes to larger cons, it’s tough to see everything with a one day pass.  You want to see panels, but there’s so much to explore on the floor that you can’t afford to spend a good chunk of time securing your spot for a popular panel.  My suggestion?  Multi-day pass if you can, but even with a single day pass to a con you can enjoy some awesome panels by scoping out smaller ones you think will be less crowded.  This generally means more niche panels, which can actually be a great source of unexpected delight.  The one panel we did catch, for example, was about the music of the new Star Wars Rebels show (Star Wars + Music Composition = Awesome).

So no, I didn’t make it into the larger panels I was hoping to see – namely the voice acting panel featuring Mark Hamill – but that’s not to say I didn’t have a great time!  Equipped with a Saturday badge and the will of the Force, I set out on a journey to survey the con…

Along the way we met some Sith Lords and apprentices.

Did a little car shopping (we were thinking a hyperdrive might be nice for the ride home).

We walked into more than one trap, unfortunately. (I’ve got a bad feeling about this…)

We also met a few scoundrels, finding a few droids along the way that, incidentally, we were looking for.

There were even a few instances where we crossed-over into other galaxies!

We also heard the Emperor was OOO (out of office), so we decided, ‘What the hell, let’s infiltrate the Death Star!’ (Just for good measure.  And bragging rights.)

And, of course, no trip to a galaxy far, far away would be complete without perusing the equipment and robe sales and stopping by the cantina.

And that, readers, is basically what happens at biggest annual Star Wars convention in the world (the essence, if you will).  If you’re interested in seeing more of what went down at the con, head over to YouTube.  I hear the official Star Wars channel had a live stream going throughout the week, and I have no doubt that countless other videos have been uploaded over the last month and half detailing the finest moments of the event.

For our crew, we called it a day after getting any last-minute and very necessary Star Wars swag, and grabbing a bite to eat at the food trucks stationed outside (falafel, also necessary).  We followed the crowd to the shuttles where we were transported back to the Angels stadium parking lot and to our own galaxy once more.  I was exhausted but satisfied, having spent a whole day enjoying total fan immersion amongst people who were just as excited to be there (conventions are like refueling stations for the geek tank/battery).

*Shout out to my brother who didn’t complain once about my asking him to take another photo with me and [insert cosplay character here].

As ever, thanks for reading, cheers!  And if you happen to be wondering about the change of pace from the Celebrating Female Characters post set, I’ll be taking a break from those (for now!) as the to-blog about queue is starting to grow.  Keep an eye out for the next post coming soon, or be sure to follow and get notifications (which may be more reliable than my optimistic ideas of a regular blog post schedule) for new posts.  Until then…

May the Force be with you Mischief managed



  1. Brooke! Your cosplay is amazing – I love it!!! ( I’d wear that on a normal day!) I’m so bummed I missed this one but thanks so much for sharing your day with us!!

    • Gah, thanks! I wish you could have gone, too, that would have been so much fun! How about the London Celebration this time next year? 😉 (Also, I totally feel the same way – I wish it was appropriate to wear Jedi garb to work because it is stylish AND comfy.)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, I want to wear that everyday! Great job! Glad you had a fun time! I loved the Belle & Beast Jedi too fun! xx

    • Thanks Megan! And yes & yes – I would wear it regularly if I could and the Belle and Beast were perfect! ^^

  3. That is one of the best ones that I have seen (only ever seen about 5)!

    I’m really having a hard time finding a pattern or even clear instructions, if you have some reply to this comment or something, but this has been driving me crazy forever. If you have a link to a pattern that would be great too. Thanks!

    • Thank you! (And right? Such an underrepresented era in cosplay.) So sorry I didn’t respond to your comment sooner, but as to instructions I found that a basic tunic pattern (see pictured above) was a pretty good way to go. I just made sure to keep the length of the back piece longer when cutting it (start longer and then trim to the length you like as needed), and used a plate to trace a rounded edge for the shape/dip in the back. After that it was just making some small adjustments to make the curve of the bottom of the back piece to transition more smoothly into the front piece. I’d like to make some better arm pieces, but for this I used a shinier fabric and sewed it onto the shoulders, then just sewed two pieces to make some slip on arm bands. The pattern might be online, but any basic tunic pattern should do the trick! Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Brooke, you’re awesome! Loved your sense of humor. Looks like fun!

    • Haha, thanks and it definitely was. Can’t wait to pull out the Jedi garb again 🙂

  5. Hi Blue Jedi Brook, I just noticed you, your great blue Jedi uniform and your R-2 Droid pic, the R-2 I made. I must have been operating another one of my Droids at the time or answering questions and didn’t see you or I would have asked you for a pic with you like I did with others. You could be a Princess Leia and/or a Queen Amidala too, you are beautiful! If you haven’t found a lightsaber yet, look me up at E Bay “Marco4GalacticSupply” for plastic ones, or order my Marco S. F. prop catalog for many style, machined aluminum types. With your permission, I’m putting your pic in my C-7 album.. Keep the Force awake, Mr. Marco

    • Thank you, and sure thing! If I’d known I would have complemented your R2 as well, it’s awesome! I’m always amazed at the hand-built droids rolling around at cons. 🙂

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