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One Kickass Ghostbusting Quartet (Or: Do Yourself a Favor & Go See Ghostbusters Immediately)

Dear readers,

Today I bring you an import from my tumblr, because this topic & movie are important to me (and now that I’ve upgraded the space on my blog again, I can actually get it posted here with images):

ghostbusters holtzmann gun lick let's go times square fight

Alright, here’s the thing.  If you haven’t yet, and have any inkling that you may want to see the new Ghostbusters movie at some point, go see it.  (Like, right now.)

Who You Gonna Call?

As we all know,  the new Ghostbusters has had a crap load of unsubstantiated vitriol spewed on it since its inception.

ghostbusters aldridge mansion erin gilbert gets slimed ectoplasmic projection

Not unlike a vat of ectoplasmic discharge from a Class 4 apparition.

And, yes, that has already gotten way more attention than senseless hate ever deserves so let’s just drop a towel over that mess, spray some Febreze, and carefully (carefully) inch away.

This movie is a perfect summer/all around fun flick. It’s not a perfect film in the sense that it’s going to sweep the Oscars but that’s not the point of it (and certainly wasn’t of the original 1984 Movie). For me, Ghostbusters 2016 is just the right mix of goofy, and awesome.

We finally get some female action heroes and, bonus, they’re intellectually brilliant, dressed practically for their job, and have genuine, real friendships with each other.  On top of that, we get to enjoy this quartet’s clear comedic genius being front and center.

ghostbusters 2016 hero shot - melissa mccarthy, kate mckinnon, kristen wiig, leslie jones

(If any of that sounds like something bizarrely reasonable and has you wondering why a person should be as excited about it as I am, then please point me in the direction of the media you’ve been consuming because what Ghostbusters bringsmic drops onto the table is in precious short supply in the realm of entertainment.)

I’m a fan of the original movie, and I came out of the theater from my first viewing cheering and more than pleased.  The story is fun, funny, heartwarming (we’re all ghost girls, now), features a completely badass action sequence, and the performances from every actor are spot on.

Viewers familiar with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy may already have expectations for their characters (physicist Erin Gilbert & paranormal researcher Abby Yates, respectively) based on past performances, especially in McCarthy’s case.  I’ve heard some light criticism in regards to this point, about having expected more from their characters, bigger performances…but when I hears this, I have to ask: where does an actor’s reputation fit in conjunction with a story’s character?

ghostbusters kristen wiig as erin gilbert and melissa mccarthy as abby yates

I love Wiig and McCarthy’s performances here. The fact that they weren’t over the top is on par with their character’s personalities and motivations in the film, in turn making those characters more relatable in terms of realistic characters, and more relatable to viewers of all ages.  I’ve no doubt this film is as fun and inspiring for me as it is for a young girl watching and already planning a Ghostbusters costume (okay, I may already be planning that, too).

I understand expectation, and wanting to make the best use an actor’s talent and full range, but they find a great balance and use of just that in Ghostbusters.

An interesting, alternate thought I’ve heard on this point is that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy’s more understated performances give room for their not quite as well known counterparts in the film, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, a chance to shine.  Regardless, they do.  They really, really do.

Despite being, admittedly, the only non-scientist of the team, Jones’ character, Patty Tolan, is brilliant and brilliantly used in the team dynamic.  Unofficial historian, officially stylish and no-nonsense, Patty becomes an integral part of the operation and Jones really brings this sensible character to life.

ghostbusters leslie jones as patty tolan and kate mckinnon as jillian holtzmann

Then there’s Jillian Holtzmann, engineer and resident mad scientist of the group who is so fantastically weird in the best possible way, with an unabashed disregard for convention.  McKinnon knocks this performance out of the proverbial ballpark.

Chris Hemsworth may be the well-intentioned but daft receptionist, Kevin, but he gives a genius comedic performance as well.

Together this new team of Ghostbusters kick ass and bring serious laughs.  With its awesome leading ladies, smart social commentary, and in a year where a good laugh seems more difficult than ever to find, Ghostbusters 2016 is a needed breath of fresh air.  Couple that with it’s heartwarming underlying tale of friendship to weave it all together, and this movie easily busted it’s way into my heart.  I pray to the silver screen gods that there will be a sequel, because this is exactly what I need more of in my life.

ghostbusters 2016 leslie jones, kate mckinnon, kristen wiig, and melissa mccarthy ('and to love is what you have shown me')

(^ click for full gif set)

Which brings us back to the central point.  If your interest is piqued by this movie, at all, I urge you to consider going to the theater to see it before its run finishes.  When it comes to Hollywood, this is our voice and as much as I dislike the the concept, money talks.  Ghostbusters represents an important milestone in the genre that I hope will kickoff a trend.  And hey, who knows?  Maybe I’lll see you at the theater – I’ll be the crazy one grinning excitedly about seeing it for a fourth time in not so many weeks.  (Have I mentioned how great this movie is?)

Thank you Sony/Paul Feig/Katie Dippold/Wiig/Jones/McCarthy/McKinnon/everyone involved for this film, hopefully films.

This has been a tumblr update, brought to you by no-wrong-ratio wonton soup and salty parabolas – you try saying no!  Cheers, readers.  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. I looooooved this movie! I actually ended up seeing it twice!

    • Yesssss! Did any lines/moments in particular stand out as some of your faves?

      My fingers are crossed so tightly for a sequel and in the meantime, I look forward to watching the crap out of the DVD when it comes out. 😉

  2. I wasn’t able to go see it in theaters unfortunately :/

    • Aw, bummer! I highly recommend giving it a viewing when you do get the chance to watch it – hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

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