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X-Files Doodles: The Jersey Devil

Hey there readers & fellow X-Philes,

We’ve arrived at the second (or first full) installment of X-Files Doodles!  So, without further adoodle…

*Cue the wistle*

X-Files Doodles - Mulder couldn't resist an 'I heart the Jersey Devil' shirt & Scully is less than thrilled

Today’s doodle inspired by: S1E5 – The Jersey Devil

Thoughts about 1×05…

  • Can we just talk about how awesome Dr. Diamond is?  Not only is he willing to hear out a far-fetched theory, but he doesn’t rat Mulder out when he’s caught by the detective in the warehouse.  I mean, this guy just met Mulder, isn’t in regular contact with Scully, has no idea they didn’t technically have the jurisdiction to be there in the first place and yet, he embraces the role of co-conspirator instantly and completely.  Po-po chasing after us while we chase after a potentially dangerous human species anomaly? NBD.  No doubt about it, this kickass prof is a kindred spirit.  (Hence, shirt-buddies.)
    • Shout out to forest ranger guy, who also made a fine addition to our rag-tag team at the end.
  • Scully.  I love when we see the small connections between Mulder/Scully and their world outside of the X-Files.  It makes sense that it happens less as the series goes on, but it’s nice to get that reminder and a deeper sense of their characters.  This was put to good use in Jersey Devil as we get a link to Scully’s past (Doc D) and her present life outside of the bureau (Ellen/godson/date) all the while nicely tying it in with the whole theme of the episode.  Essentially we’re still feeling out the X-Files at this point along with Scully, and I’m glad we get this glimpse into her life and her mind as we see her begin to let the door close on the ‘normal’, choosing instead Mulder and the X-Files.

‘And look who’s holding the door.’

  • Ok, and along with this we get some initial light hints of a possibility of MSR (Mulder-Scully romance) down the road.  It’s ok, Scully, we think Mulder’s kinda cute (/crazy), too.  (And Mulder?  Feign disinterest all you want but we’d be a bit gonna-deny-it-disappointed-about-your-date-secretly-pleased-no-second-date, too.)  I’m not grinning stupidly, you are.
  • Mulder.  I enjoyed the ways in which we find further insight into Mulder’s character in Jersey Devil, especially as an early episode.  For one, the depth of his emotion at the way the situation concludes is striking.  And not only do we see more of Mulder giving everyone, no matter who they are, the chance to tell their story while listening without judgement, but here’s a guy who would sleep on the street (in the cold, next to a dumpster) to follow a lead AND give a man with nothing his hotel room when he could easily have just taken what he needed and pushed the guy out of his way.  The little things often say far more about a person than the big, dramatic moments.
    • …It also marks the first time we see Mulder land himself in jail as well as are first acquainted with his choice, err, reading material.  So, yeah.  There’s that.

Mulder, where are you?

  • ‘Eight million years out of Africa, I don’t think we’re all that different.’  ‘Mulder, we’ve put men into space, we’ve built computers that work faster than the human mind.’  ‘While we over-populate the world and create new technologies to kill each other with. Maybe we’re just beasts with big brains.’  Nailed it.

Overall The Jersey Devil is a solid MOTW (Monster of the Week) episode.  There’s fun Mulder/Scully dialogue, it’s a nice twist on the Bigfoot-type tale, and the questions it poses are as relevant today as they were twenty years ago.

Now I do believe that’s a wrap, stay tuned for the next X-Files Doodle – and stand by for #Babylon tonight.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed



  1. Great artistry!

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