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The Con is Afoot (Serenity in the Park!)

Dear readers,

The first part of Saturday of Comic-Con consisted of the fun Doctor Who meetup (which you can read about in my last post!).  Well, I had a second event to look forward to later that night.

sdcc 2013 comic con san diego image

Zachary Levi (of Chuck and Tangled) started The Nerd Machine Nerd HQ three years ago as a way to bring more to fans during San Diego Comic-Con.  This year, with help from Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, Nerd HQ held a series of “Conversations for a Cause” where fans had the opportunity to attend Q&A sessions with actors, writers, and producers from the shows and movies they love.  In addition, Nerd HQ put on a movie showing at the baseball stadium (Petco Park), as well as some major nerd partying into the night.

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ image

What could be better than any of this, you may ask?  The fact that all proceeds from tickets went to the charity Operation Smile.  Right on, Zach.  (Check out their website for more info!

While I was too slow to nab tickets for any of the Q&A panels, Saturday night I did find myself getting in line with my ticket for the Serenity in the Park event.  The movie was due to begin around 9, so I found myself winding around the stadium at 8.  I mentioned before that one of the best parts of Comic-Con is meeting people in lines and at events.  This held true for me this time around as well.

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ image

Waiting in line, making friends

I ended up in line right in front of a group of four Belgians!  They were around my age, visiting the US for the first time, and were so happy to have gotten a Saturday pass for the convention.  It was such a pleasure chatting with them while we waited, and we ended up parking next to each other – picnic style – when we got onto the field.  (I admit, it was pretty cool being ON the field and experiencing the perspective of looking up into the stands!)

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ image

We’re in(side on the actually part of the baseball stadium!)

They had a screen set up field level and hundreds of people were gathered on blankets, jackets, and bundled next to pillows; parents with small children lying in their laps, and many, many Jayne beanies and brown coats.

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ image

Nerd Machine’s photo of the event – even though I was there, I am amazed at how many people there are!

Before playing Serenity, Zachary Levi made an appearance followed by stars of the film Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds – aims to misbehave) and Alan Tudyk (Pilot Wash – a leaf on the wind).

All three are just so sweet and Nathan and Alan were hilarious.  It was certainly an experience watching a movie at Petco Park and among so many other fans of the Firefly series.  Knowing that you have an immediate connection with all of these people is amazing – just as it was for the SherlockeDCC party and the Doctor Who meetup.

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ image

And so we begin one hell of a show/movie. Loved the bit of commentary Nathan and Alan were throwing in at the beginning.

Right, I almost forgot.  After the movie, as we were filing out, Nathan was chatting to everyone from a booth just above us.  Well, I hung around for a bit just listening to the amusing comments back and forth between fan and awesome actor.

Serenity Petco Park sdcc 2013 comic con san diego nerd HQ Nathan Fillion image

Nathan Fillion is so great at connecting with his fans

One fan then asked if Nathan had anymore of his autograph cards left.  He paused and rifled through a pocket.

Nathan Fillion's autograph image

I have Nathan Fillion’s autograph!

“Make it rain!” Someone near me shouted.  And so he did.  A handful of cards fluttered to the ground and one came right at me.  Thus, I now have (probably the best) autograph card in existence; it’s hilarious!

Nathan Fillion's autograph image

What a great sense of humor 🙂

All in all it was a fun night and a great day.  Thanks Nerd Machine for setting it all up, and thanks to Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk who were kind enough to be there as well.  I know all the hard work put a smile on the faces of the many people there, myself and my Belgian buddies included.

Serenity fanart Jayne Beanie deviantART image

Seriously, if you’ve never seen Firefly it is an amazing show you should consider scrambling to get a hold of and watch right away.

So that’s Comic-Con Saturday down, and still Sunday with one more meetup to go.  Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Check out the photos from walking around downtown during the Con.  (Credit where credit is due, some of them were taken by my sister – thanks sis!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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