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The Con is Afoot (SDCClocked!)

Dear readers,

It’s hard to believe that three weeks have passed since Comic-Con transformed San Diego for four gloriously geeky days.  Even so, I’ll try to keep the spirit going, if for just a few minutes longer, with a post about the final event I attended.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked image

Credit for the awesome fanart goes to one of this event’s mods, Sora

Comic-Con began and ended with Sherlock events this year.  Thursday night found me at the SherlockeDCC party, which was fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful ladies who put it together.  Sunday evening, then, found me at the official Tumblr/Comic-Con Sherlock meetup!

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

The SDCClocked gang! (With a little Cabin Pressure and Doctor Who thrown in, among other things)

Set up by four awesome San Diegan Sherlockians, this get-together was a casual affair for anyone who wanted to join.  Due to some unusual weather, we found ourselves gathering in the Marriott.

Once we were sure the drizzling had stopped for good, we made our way over to Seaport Village located right along the bay, gathering a few more SDCClockers on the way.  (I guess we were a somewhat distinctive group.)

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

Of course there was some Sherlock swag thanks to some lovely and talented fans…which had to be showcased in secret after a mishap with not knowing you needed a permit to display/sell things in Seaport Village.  So there was that.

We set up at a nice grassy patch and mingled as more joined us.  Once it seemed we were all there – a good 30 to 40 of us – we gathered for a round of introductions.  Of course this meant circling up as best we could.  And with everyone starting off with, “hi, I’m…” followed by how long we’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan, the circle quickly became dubbed as the Sherlockians Anonymous.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

“On my honor, I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan since [insert Great Mouse Detective/RDJ movies/BBC/other]”

We may have confused a few passerby trying to ascertain what we were doing, and a couple of kids eagerly asked their parents if they could come see our “show” (sorry to disappoint!).

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con cosplay image

Our BBC Sherlock and our Elementary Sherlock meet…cue the madness

A number of us cosplayed as BBC version characters, which meant we had a great photo op in hand.  BBC Sherlock poses were in order, some of which may or may not have lead to general silliness.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con cosplay image

Completely clueless. Irene Adler has her hands full teaching Molly Hooper a thing or two, no doubt.

I’d never really done this before, but it was loads of fun!

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con cosplay image

Yep…cue the break in character for some giggling in about two seconds.

Beth and I had the opportunity to catch up again, plus I got the chance to get to know a few more people I’d met at SherlockeDCC a little bit better.  Each of them such a sweet person.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con molly hooper cosplay image

The Molly Hoopers, not to be counted out.

Seaport Village was the perfect spot for the meetup as well being close to the convention center and hotels, plus many of us just grabbed dinner from the nearby shops and brought it back to our spot.

While some had to leave to catch flights back home (the Con officially, sadly, over) or had long drives ahead, a few of us were still chatting as the sun began to set.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

Myself, a wonderfully talented artist named Lexie, and a wonderfully talented crafter named Amanda  decided to head to a nearby hotel to grab a seat at the bar.  So we bid our “goodbyes” and “safe travels” to the few others getting ready to head out.

Cara McGee Adagio Fandom Tea Blends image

Actually, we walked away with a bunch Cara McGee’s fandom tea blend samples 🙂

Lexie and I chatted as Amanda went to drop off her stuff and then meet back up with us.  If you’ve never geeked out about something you love with others who share that love, well, it’s pretty great.

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

This photo is full of win. Kate cosplayer on the left, badass TARDIS in the middle, and as if you haven’t seen enough of me in my cosplay on the right.

It was a pleasure getting to know both of them, giggling about our favorite characters, critically engaging in discussion about the show and other aspects of Internet culture, and even finding other things in common – namely a love of soccer!

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con image

It was a good time

We talked for a good few hours, Lexie kindly offering to give me a ride to where I had parked seeing as I’d missed the last ferry across the bay an hour and half ago.  Whoops.  (That happens, right?)

Sherlock Meetup SDCClocked Comic Con artbylexie sketch

Wonderful person she is, Lexie even drew a sketch for me. Hooray! 🙂 (Had to get one of me and Molly, then, all things considered)

And so I arrived back home six hours after the meetup began, smiling from ear to ear.  Just as I had felt about SherlockeDCC, I’m so glad I brushed aside any anxieties and decided to go to the SDCClocked meetup.  Though really that goes for the Doctor Who meetup party and the Nerd HQ Serenity showing as well.

I ended up having such a fantastic weekend from just getting out there, unabashedly waving my geek flag, and having a really, really great time (and all without an actual Comic-Con pass – look at that!).

I loved how many new and awesome people I met; connecting with fellow fans was the best part!  So wherever your passions and interests lie, I would urge you to reach out to find the larger community around you for whatever that may be.

**CREDIT for most of these (all the amazing ones) photos go to Sora of the SDCClocked mods and Lexie of artbylexie – you can check out the official SDCClocked tumblr for more about the event.

At any rate, as always thanks for reading (and putting up with my excited nerdy side four times in a row now), cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Oh, and if you happen to be reading this and were there at the meetup, feel free to leave a comment or drop by my tumblr (brookenado) and say hi! 😀

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