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15 Days of Sherlock: The Countdown to Series 3, Day 11

Dear readers,

When you watch Sherlock, you probably sit and ask yourself at times, what could possibly be better than this?  There’s lovable characters, adventure, danger, friendship, Rupert Graves, arch nemeses…what more could you ask for, right?  Not much.

Except maybe animals.  Because animals tend to make everything better.

BBC Sherlock John Watson bees - hold still gif image

Ok, maybe better for everyone except John…

Day 11 – The Bees and The Otters

As a BBC Sherlock fan, I’m sure you are very aware that before anything else Sherlock Holmes initially wanted to be a pirate.  The Sherlock Holmes fandom has also known, since 1917, that the consulting detective himself, is fascinated with bees!

BBC Sherlock fanart, Pirate bee! -- Kidlock by StarlightWhispers on deviantART image

In the canon, Sherlock Holmes retires to Sussex and spends his days keeping bees.  He studies them with as much fervor as he would approach the criminal streets of London.  He has the mind of a scientist or a philosopher, and the bees seem quite fitting.

So what can you do to make your days spent waiting for Series 3 more bee!locked? Learn about bees!  See if there is a local bee hive/farm in your area, and plan a day trip to visit, admire the hives, and get delicious honey (mmm).  Besides, boring conversation?  Don’t know what to say to someone?  Trying to approach that person you like?  Problem solved.  Now you can properly spout bee facts at your friends, family, co-workers, everyone so that they may understand just how great bees are.

Show your appreciation for Sherlock Holmes and bees!  You can sport some 221Bee wear, bee it clothing, jewelry, cuff links, artwork – anything.  Make Sherlock proud.

Bees and Violins - Sherlock Inspired Charm Earrings Etsy image

Bees and violins. Sherlockian perfection.

Bee!lock has been around for a long time, but of course you would be remiss to leave out the more recent phenomenon that is otterlock!  So as you wait for the 19th to roll around today, also revisit your favorite otterlock (began as otterbatch in photos on right), hedgehog John/Jawn (began as art to a fic where Sherlock’s only friend was a hedgehog he named John & evolved to encompass Martin Freeman being a hedgehog).  And, hey, maybe you’ll discover some new ones or decide to get creative with some animalock goodness for yourself!

Otterlock and Hedgehog John, or Otterbatch and Martin Freeman is a hedgehog image

What began as a set of photos comparing actor to otter quickly created an explosion of awesome art and screencap memes.

There are a variety of cuddly (and not so cuddly) creatures the Sherlock gang have been thought up as – just have fun with it and you’ll get through Day 11 with a smile on your face.  If you do have a favorite animal version of our favorite detective duo and friends or create your own, by all means share with the rest of us in the comments.

Still more 15 Days of Sherlock to come as we get closer and closer to the Series 3 U.S. premier on January 19, stay tuned!

“He picked up the volume from the table and read out the whole title, Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with Some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen. ‘Alone I did it. Behold the fruit of pensive nights and laborious days when I watched the little working gangs as once I watched the criminal world of London.'” – His Last Bow

Thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Sherlock Holmes Keep Calm and Keep Bees image



  1. Squee! Thank you so, so much for featuring my earrings in your awesome post! I really appreciate it! ❤ ❤ ❤ Mazi

    • Of course! They’re beautiful earrings, well worth being featured! Thanks for stopping by ^^

  2. Those bees and violin earrings are cute! And I’ve always liked the Otterlock thing!

    • Aren’t they? And otterlock just generally cracks me up! It’s kind of hard not to smile at the antics of an otter detective and his bff hedgehog. XD

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