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Dear readers,

Two weeks ago saw WonderCon 2014 (the little sis of Comic-Con) come and go in Anaheim, and I had the opportunity to attend for the day on Friday.  It would be my first WonderCon ever (look at me, branching out into the con world!), and I would be donning my Eleventh Doctor cosplay for the occasion.

Photos taken by TheNerdyGirlie

I drove up with Megan of TheNerdyGirlie and Lauren of Fancastic Podcast and Blog where we immediately fit right in with our Doctor Who group cosplay.  Carpooling worked out great – it was a nice opportunity getting to spend some time with them just chatting about life!

TheNerdyGirlie, Lauren_Gallaway, Brookenado WonderCon Doctor Who group cosplay

Megan as Nine, Lauren as Rose, and me as Eleven! (pic by Megan – click to read her WonderCon post!)

Approaching the convention center was like letting go of a breath I’d been holding for a while, as we stepped into the colorful throng of our fellow geeks.  I’m not sure I stopped smiling the entire time we were there.

We got in line for our passes and then headed to the floor where we knew a couple people with booths.  Comic-Con is amazing, obviously, but I have to say that it was nice experiencing a smaller scale con where the whole atmosphere was pretty relaxed.  ‘Lines‘ moved quickly and there were no huge crowds waiting for panels, or at least the panels I went to on Friday.

House of Darkly’s amazing stuff and Rebecca’s Little Vampires web comic series are both worth checking out!

Disney/ABC hosted a panel ‘The Art of the Pitch: The Writer.  The Director.  The Story’.  The panelists included writers who had been accepted into the company’s development program, so it was perfect for Lauren and I as we’re both interested in pursuing a career in the area.  They even had a few people from the audience stand up for the chance give a one minute pitch of themselves, and I came away with tips not only valuable for story pitches, but interviewing in general.  Just remember, confidence is key!  And be yourself – if you’ve pitched yourself honestly and they like you, well you’re already half way to a job you will excel in because you won’t have to struggle through pretending to be someone else every day.

pbcbstudios:Nicole Mitchell storyboard and Final Frame. "Some people are worth melting for….. just maybe not right this second"

‘Some people are worth melting for.’ Storyboard frame by Nicole Mitchell

Directly after that panel was another Disney panel, this one by some of the storyboard artists who worked on Frozen!  I’m so glad I stayed to catch this one because storytelling through animation fascinates me, and I had the chance to get some fun insight into the Disney Animation process of bringing a story to life.  The panelists had such a great sense of humor, showing us pictures of the team, the process, and side by side views of the storyboard images vs the final animation.

After those two panels I was off to catch up with Megan and some new twitter friends for lunch – shout out to @gb_reviews, @yourfriendelle, and seelingcat on tumblr!  And yes – meeting twitter/tumblr friends in person is the best.  You instantly have something in common to bond over!

Wondercon 2014 cosplay Doctor Who Sherlock seelingcat tumblr & brookenado

Oh you know, just the Doctor and Sherlock grabbing lunch at Denny’s (as you do)

Following pancakes it was back to the convention center to hit the floor for a bit before heading off to another panel – this one on breaking into the business as a writer.  Again, I took some valuable notes; everyone in that room was appreciative of the host’s honesty and inspiration about working as screenwriters and looking ahead at how the digital age is shifting the industry.

As the day was drawing to an end and Megan and I were being shooed out of the convention center, we headed over to a hotel across the street where the unofficial SDCC blog meetup was happening – but first, a few photos!

The meetup at the end of the day was so much fun!  It was a pleasure chatting more with one of our lunch buddies, Michelle of You’re Friend Elle, and of course getting to meet more fellow nerds.  Now I just can’t wait to see them all again at Comic-Con!

It was around 10 pm when we left (after a quick scare that we might have been locked out from the parking lot…but you know, we were two Doctors and Rose Tyler – there was no way we weren’t going to figure something out!), saying our goodbyes to new friends and to Anaheim.  And even though I was exhausted when I got home just after midnight, I was still smiling (at least on the inside, my face may have been more zombie-like at that point…).

The verdict?  WonderCon 2014 was a success!  As always, thanks for reading, cheers!  Until then…

Mischief managed

Wondercon 2014 Anaheim convention center

Until next time, WonderCon…



  1. I’m glad you ladies had a blast at Wondercon!!!

    • Thanks Joie – you could’ve joined, too!

      • Whoops, that should’ve read ‘wish you could have joined!’ (Guess I should leave typing responses until after a good night’s sleep… ^^; )

  2. That sounds so fun! I wish I could go to ALL the cons! every one I read about sounds so good!

    • I know exactly what you mean! The more I learn about how many cons there actually are, the more I wish I had the means to go to them, too. Do you have any you’re looking forward to this year?

  3. LOVE your cosplay!

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